Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guest Post: THE SHADOW PRINCE Teaser Tuesday #11 - In which Hubby geeks out all over the place

Hi guys! It's me, Brick.  Bree is on deadline, which means she has pretty much looked like this for the last couple of weeks:
What deadlines feel like...or so I gather...
So, to try to help her out I'm posting this week's Teaser Tuesday.  Which means I get to pick  the teaser.  But first, let me tell you a quick story.

About a year and a half ago, my relatively new (to me anyway) car decided it didn't want to be a car any more.  It decided it'd rather be a cube of metal in a pile of other cubes of metal.
I think that's my car, 2nd from the left, 3rd one up
I had to respect this decision, but I didn't have to like it.  I'll be honest.  I was disappointed.  However, not being one who enjoys being car-less, I picked myself up by my bootstraps, wiped the tears from my eyes, and moved on.  That's when I found this lovely:

Yes, its a Leaf.  Yes, its electric. No, I don't have range anxiety... much.

I was very excited to get a Leaf. Sure, maybe its not the sexiest thing out there, but its still pretty darn cool. Not to mention that my car payment is only slightly more than what my monthly gas budget was--basically making it the cheapest car I've ever owned. And though it has caused us to adjust our lives a little, I've loved having it ever since. But I digress. There is a point to telling you this. So lets get to it.

Bree was still working on THE SHADOW PRINCE when I got the Leaf, and saw this acquisition as a perfect opportunity to conduct some research.  As you may have learned from reading the first two chapters last week (click here if you still haven't... which, btw- WHY NOT?!), Haden has been graced with the ability to throw lighting as part of his Underlordy powers.  So this is the conversation that was had while filling out the paperwork at the dealership:

Salesman: "We're almost done.  Do you guys have any questions?"

Bree: "Yes.  So, if you--hypothetically--could say, I don''t know... shoot lighting out of your hands... could you use that to instantly charge an electric car?"

Salesman: *o.O*

Bree: "Hypothetically of course..."

Brick: *totally straight faced and earnest* "Of course."
Salesman: "Um... yeah, I'm sure you could."

Bree: "Sweet."
I paraphrase of course.

So based off this very scientific research, and knowing that Haden both has said power and needs a much sexier car than me, he was given one of the coolest cars on the planet in THE SHADOW PRINCE.

The Tesla Model S

Holy crap that's a thing a beauty.
Ooh, and take a look inside too.

I can't even....
So not only does Haden get my dream car.  He also gets to drive it like a BAMF while being chased by an unknown assailant on a motorcycle through the streets of Las Vegas.  Oh crap, wait... was that a spoiler?  No.  No, that was just more of the teaser... hehehe, right?  Oh, and I guess it actually wasn't the model S he was driving at the time.  It was this:

Tesla Model X. Yes, he got both. Really, really not fair.
Ok.  Enough car talk.  Its' giveaway talk time  Bree is still giving away an iPad Mini and the opportunity to have a character named after you in the sequel to THE SHADOW PRINCE. So if you haven't entered to win yet, you still can, and if you have entered don't stop reading because THERE ARE NOW TWO NEW WAYS TO GAIN ENTRIES IN THE CONTEST! (Yep, you can enter again!)

Here are all the ways you can enter to win the Bree's iPad + awesome character named after you giveaway:
1 – Pre-Order THE SHADOW PRINCE through The Kings English or another bookseller of your choice like IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million. . . you get the idea. Don't forget to send the receipt to readbree (at) gmail.com to get a special swag-pack sent to you from Bree. And if you pre-order from The King's English your swag-pack will also include an exclusive pomegranate charm necklace as a special gift from Bree.

2 – Blog about this giveaway, or re-blog this post.

3 – Tweet about the contest

4 – Leave a comment on the Hypable post hosting the first 2 chapters of THE SHADOW PRINCE and let Bree know what you think.

5 NEW* – Change your avatar on your social medium of choice to THE SHADOW PRINCE book cover until March 15, 2014 (avatar shaped image available below and full book cover image available on breedespain.com) .

6 NEW* – Post the "I'm excited for TSP banner" to the sidebar of your blog, tumblr or website. (banner code and image posted below)
(For more details about the contest and info on the pre-order swag-packs, read last week's post.)

Use the rafflecopter below to enter now! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Shadow Prince Teaser Tuesday #10: Read the first chapter and enter to win an iPad mini!

I am very excited for this week’s Teaser Tuesday. Hypable is hosting the release of the first 2 chapters of THE SHADOW PRINCE! The post is live now so go check it out by clicking the link above or clicking here.

I’m so excited about this that I wanted to go BIG on the giveaway, too.  So it’s like this:

For the next four weeks I am giving away some awesome swag for anyone who pre-orders THE SHADOW PRINCE.  

If you pre-order or purchase THE SHADOW PRINCE from my local indie, The King’s English Bookshop, on or before March 15, 2014 you’ll get:
  1. Your copy of the book signed
  2. A signed bookmark 
  3. An awesome TSP temporary tattoo
  4. And a really cool pomegranate charm 
(Swag items are while supplies last...but don't worry, I have a lot of swag.)

Just make sure you mention that you want your book signed in the special comments section when checking out. This offer also applies to people who buy the book at my launch party at The King's English on March 15th. (At 2pm--be there, yo!)

Or, if you pre-order or purchase THE SHADOW PRINCE on or before March 15, 2014 from any other bookseller and send your receipt and mailing address to readbree (at) gmail.com with the subject line of “THE SHADOW PRINCE Pre-Order Promo,” I will send you:
  1. A signed bookmark
  2. A signed bookplate sticker
  3. And a TSP temporary tattoo
(Again, swag items are while supplies last.)
But wait… there’s more!

Because I am so excited about this first chapter preview and all the great swag, I am also giving away an iPad mini!
(black or silver... you get to choose!)
Yes.  You read that right.  I’m giving away an iPad mini! (16G WiFi model in the color of your choice.)

And if that wasn’t awesome enough of a prize, I’m also offering to name a character in book 2 of the Into The Dark trilogy after the winner.  That means your name could be in my next book!  And this isn't just some walk on character either...

Okay, so you have four ways to enter to win this awesome prize package:

1 – Pre-Order THE SHADOW PRINCE through The Kings English or another bookseller of your choice like IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million. . . you get the idea (and don't forget to send the receipt to readbree (at) gmail.com to get your swag too).

2 – Blog about this giveaway, or re-blog this post.

3 – Tweet about the contest

4 – Leave a comment on the Hypable post and let me know what you think of the first chapter.

The more options you do, the more entries you’ll get! So, you know, doing all four is probably a good idea. Oh, and don't worry. If you have already pre-ordered the book, you can still get credit for this giveaway and your swag by sending your receipt to the email referenced above.

Now for the terms.
  1. Unfortunately, I have to keep this giveaway to the US and CA only.  
  2. Giveaway is open from now until 12am on March 16th, 2014. 
  3. Any pre-order or purchase before that time is qualified both as an entry and for the swag while supplies last.
  4. Winner will be announced here on March 18th.
  5. Winner must claim prize within 30 days or it will be forfeit.
  6. No purchase necessary. Can't buy the book? Reserve it at your local library and do any of the other options to get your entries. 
Use the rafflecopter form below to get started. Don't forget to head over to Hypable to read the first 2 chapters of THE SHADOW PRINCE. I hope you enjoy it!

*Winner for last week's Lunar Chronicles giveaway: Megan Peet!  (Winner, if you didn't get my email, hit the contact button in the menu above and send me your shipping address in order to claim your prize.)

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Shadow Prince Teaser Tuesday #9: Meet Joe Vince (with gifs) and Lunar Chronicles Giveaway

You know what's infinitely better than a Monday? A Tuesday. Especially if it's a THE SHADOW PRINCE Teaser Tuesday!

Today we get to meet another one of my favorite characters from THE SHADOW PRINCE: Daphne's father--the Joe Vince. Daphne has barely met her famous father (he's a pretty big deal in the music biz...) four times in her life, so you can imagine her surprise and apprehension when he shows up out of the blue with a court order for full custody of her and the offer to attend a prestigious music program at a ritzy private school in California.

I've always had a very clear idea of what Joe would be like, and more specifically, what he would look like. I didn't even have to think about it. It was obvious as soon as I knew who the character was.  Imagine, if you will, a cross between David Tennant (specifically his character in Fright Night) and the lead singer from The National, Matt Berninger. Picture a British, mid 40's, leather pants wearing, binge drinking, but extremely talented rocker with the soul of quirky dork.

To help you picture him, here's a quick teaser of how Daphne describes him their first morning together in her new home.

"Joe finds his glasses: thick-framed, nerdy, hipster specs that clash with his leather pants, skull rings, and long, rocker hair.

Three things I know for sure about Joe so far.  The longer portions of his hair are extensions, he never wears his glasses in public, and even though he tries to pull off an ubercool, leather-clad, Top Forty rocker persona for the press, when I listen real closely, I can hear that he has more of this geeky, Indie singer-songwriter vibe. It's always baffled me, the few times we've met."

Are you seeing it yet?

I hope so, but to help you out here are a few visuals (because who can resist a good David Tennant gif?):

Just picture David Tennant in Fright Night. . .

in a mash-up with Matt Berninger of The National...

As an added bonus, here's an awesome song by The National:

Okay, giveaway time!

This week, in honor of re-tellings and re-imaginings of fairy tales and mythology, I'm giving away signed copies of CINDER, SCARLETT, and CRESS by Marissa Meyer! Marissa does a truly awesome job of bringing new life to old stories, something I hope to have done as well with THE SHADOW PRINCE.

Oh, and since I finally have an official Author page on Facebook, you can get extra entries this week by going and liking the page!  Click here if you want to go straight there. Otherwise, use the rafflecopter below to enter this week's giveaway.

The winner of last week's Teaser Tuesday is Jessica Klase.

(Winner, if you didn't get my email, hit the contact button in the menu above and send me your shipping address in order to claim your prize.)

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

THE SHADOW PRINCE Teaser Tuesday #8: Save the Cat! (and giveaway)

It's Tuesday and that means it's time for a new teaser from THE SHADOW PRINCE! Today's teaser is about one of the most lovable characters in TSP--and one who isn't even a person. According to Greek mythology, Hades, the god of the Underworld, kept a giant, monstrous, three-headed dog named Cerberus as a pet.

So I decided that my character Haden Lord (who was inspired by Hades) should also have a pet. And naturally his pet would be . . .


the world's smallest cat!

Brimstone, Haden's cat (or hellcat, to be more precise) is based on this picture of Mr. Peebles (the Guinness Book of World Records' holder for smallest living cat in the world) but she looks more like my blue kitty, Ava, when she was just a wee girl.

 Brimstone is described as being "barely bigger than a guinea pig . . ."


But don't let her size fool you! Brim is a full-grown cat, and she hates being called a kitten. That's something you should keep in mind since Haden warns that you should never get a hellcat angry!

So why give Haden, a prince of the Underworld and a trained warrior, a pocket-sized feline for a pet?

First off, because it's unexpected. Secondly, if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I like kittens. And thirdly, because I think it's important to find a way to show what makes a character--especially a character who might seem less-than-human or not all that emotionally available at first--lovable or redeemable. There are several ways of doing this, and in screen writing, showing this redeeming quality (or moment of compassion) is called "Save the Cat." Two of my favorite ways of creating a likable character is by showing something or someone that my character loves, or by showing who loves my character despite their flaws--even if that someone is a pet.

Here's an excerpt from THE SHADOW PRINCE about Brimstone:

"She's a tiny little thing, but a good deal bigger than the puff of fur she'd been when I rescued her from one of the owls' clutches when she was only a few days old. As a runty newborn, she'd been tossed out of the nest by her mother, left to die in the Wastelands. That's why I'd saved her--and that's why she rarely left my side and could always find me no matter where I was--we'd both been rejected by the only family we'd ever really known. That made us kin."

So Haden "saves the cat" by literally saving a (hell)cat. But Brimstone isn't just a plot device, she's an important character in the book. I think of her as the older sister that Haden always needed. She scolds him when he's being thoughtless, prods him to do the right thing, and even tries to help him out with the ladies on occasion. Brimstone is fiercely loyal and deeply bonded to Haden, and he to her--a connection that plays out in important, and hopefully unexpected, ways in the book.

For more Brim and Haden, be sure to check out THE SHADOW PRINCE on March 11th!

(BTW, I kind of dream of the day someone does some Haden and Brimstone fanart!)

Now for a giveaway!

Brimstone loves music so I am giving away one of my silver lyre necklaces. Brim also comes from a long line of ancient mythological creatures, so I am also giving away a signed copy of RELIC by Renee Collins, an exciting book about people who harness special powers from the bones of ancient magical creatures.

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

Last week's Teaser Tuesday winner is: Madeline Hale!

(Winner, if you didn't get my email, hit the contact button in the menu above and sen me your shipping address in order to claim your prize.)

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