Thursday, May 10, 2012

My answers to your frequently asked questions

Hey all-

I've been getting A LOT of questions lately via the blog, twitter, Facebook, and email.  Even though many different people from all over the world are doing the asking, most of the questions are the same.  Therefore, I thought I'd answer the most frequently asked ones in one tidy blog post, so everyone can have the answers.  If you've asked me a question recently, you will probably find the answer below.

FAQ 1:  Is THE SAVAGE GRACE the last book in the Dark Divine trilogy?  Will there be a fourth book?  Why does it end the way it does if there's no fourth book?

Answer:  Yes, TSG is the last book in the Dark Divine trilogy.  Right now there are no plans for a fourth book.  I once heard a famous fantasy author say that the ending of a series should feel like "just the beginning" to readers, so that way the characters and story can live on in their minds and hearts.  I ended TSG the way I did because I wanted the series to feel like "just the beginning" of an epic superhero tale.  I wanted to show you how the arch villian became the arch villain, and how the good guys became the super heroes.

That all being said, I am not opposed to the idea of there being MORE Dark Divine books--or possibly spin offs.  If there was enough reader demand, and you know, a publisher wanted to publish a fourth installment in Grace's story, I don't think I would say no to the project.  I've even thought of writing a few short stories for the blog.

The biggest issue with writing more TDD books, is that eventually the young adults in the story will no longer be young adults...and their cares and problems will no longer be of a young adult persuasion.  This is my most teen shows kind of start to suck once the characters enter college.  And I definitely want the Dark Divine series to go out with a bang, rather than a whimper.

So yeah, I'm not going to say that there will NEVER be more TDD books--but for now, I am content with how the story has played out, and I hope readers will use their own imaginations to come up with how the rest of Grace's adventures play out.

FAQ 2:  Are you working on a new book?  You're not DONE writing, are you?

Answer: Yes, I am working on a new book!!  And I have MANY more ideas in store for many more books to come.  I don't think I could stop writing even if y'all begged me to.  If you tied my hands behind my back, I would probably still find a way to write.  The new book doesn't have a title yet, and I don't even know if I'm allowed to talk about it yet--but I can say that the new book is slated for publication in Fall 2013 from Egmont USA.  Also, I am going to be working my butt off to get it finished by the end of the summer.

FAQ 3: Why hasn't THE SAVAGE GRACE been published yet in the UK or AU/NZ? I've been looking for it everywhere!

Answer:  Thank you so much for wanting to read TSG!  Unfortunately, my UK/AU/NZ publisher, Egmont UK, has not yet opted to purchase and publish THE SAVAGE GRACE.  I have absolutely no control over their decision, and I am so sorry that you are still waiting for TSG.  Hopefully, they will decide to bring the final installment of the Dark Divine trilogy to my UK/AU/NZ readers soon.

FAQ 4:  When do THE LOST SAINT and THE SAVAGE GRACE come out in my country?

Answer:  Honestly, authors pretty much know nothing about foreign release dates.  My guess is that TLS will come out one year after the first book did.  And TSG will (hopefully) come out a year after the second book.  It is always up to the foreign publisher as to whether they decide to publish the sequels to the first book--and my publisher in your country ma or may not opt to do so.  I hope they do!  I hate leaving readers hanging.  So just keep you eye out for the books in your bookstore, or you can always contact the publisher for your country and inquire with them.

FAQ 5:  Do you have more signings coming up? 

Answer:  Yes!  I have two more events (and possibly a third one) coming up soon:

May 24th, 7 pm
San Francisco, California
Books Inc
"A Very Steamy Evening" with me, Brodi Ashton, & Cynthia Hand
hosted by Not Your Mother's Book Club

June 2nd, 11am-3pm
The Dalles, Oregon
Klindt's Bookstore
"Got Books?" Event for Young Adults
Come see me, Colleen Houck, Brodi Ashton, M.T. Anderson, Cynthia Hand, Inara Scott, and MORE at this great celebration of YA fiction! 
For more info and to see the full line up, click HERE

Las Vegas, Nevada--We are working on rescheduling the event that got cancelled at the Rainbow B&N earlier this month.  Possibly near the end of May.  We shall see.

FAQ 6: What if I don't live near where you are doing signings? How can I still get a signed book from you?

Answer:  Good news!  My local indie bookstore, The King's English, can hook you up with a signed copy of any of my books.  You can even request to have it personalized.  Just say so in the comments when you checkout on their website.  To order signed copies, click HERE.