Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Countdown to THE LOST SAINT Contest (The TDD Movie Edition)

So it's that time of the month again . . . No, not that time of the month . . . It's time for this month's Countdown to THE LOST SAINT Contest! (Because TLS comes out this December 28th, in case you didn't know.)

In honor of the good news from last week (Recap: The movie rights for the THE DARK DIVINE have been optioned by Ralph Winter--Producer of the X-MEN movies--Terry Botwick, and Whitney Thomas at 1019 Entertainment!!!) I'm hosting a special movie edition of the contest this month.

I don't know about you, but the idea of a TDD movie makes me positively giddy. And I can't help but try to come up with the perfect fantasy cast to play the parts of my characters. But I also think it's really fun to see which actors my readers would love to see playing Grace and gang as well.

Which means I want you to suggest your dream fantasy cast for a THE DARK DIVINE movie!*

So here's what you need to do to enter this month's contest-

1.Suggest your dream casting pick for at least one of the following characters (you can do as many of them as you'd like--but you get a point for each one):

Pastor Divine,
Mrs. Divine
and extra credit to whoever wants to throw in a suggestion for Talbot from THE LOST SAINT.

2. Click HERE if you need a refresher on what the TDD characters look like. (Or want to find out in case you haven't read the book--and if you haven't, why not? ;)) But remember that you can be creative with your casting picks. Actors can always dye their hair or wear colored contacts etc.

4. Make your suggestions in the comments of this post. You get one entry for each character you make an actor suggestion for.

5. Earn extra points for spreading the word about the contest. 1 point for tweeting/facebooking. 2 points for sharing it on your blog/website. (Only 3 points total available for spreading the word. Sorry, no extra points for multiple mentions.) Be sure to tell me about what you've done in the comments section so I am sure to give you proper credit.

6. The contest is open until 11:59pm on October 4th. The winner will be announced on the 5th.

7. I'll post pictures of my favorite casting choices on the 5th also, and let you guys vote on the best choices.* And I'm sure there will be some bonus prizes for people who cast their vote--so come back for that.

So what can you win, you ask?

A THE DARK DIVINE Might Be Made Into A Movie Someday Prize-Pack!!


1. A boxed set of the X-MEN trilogy on DVD (In honor of my producers from 1019 Entertainment).

2. A bottle of custom TLS Nail-polish. No picture yet, but it's a pretty blue. (The nail polish can only be sent inside the USA, so if the winner is international, some TDD stickers will be sent instead.)

3. A signed ARC of THE LOST SAINT

Plus you can choose THREE of the following books from my Tenner friends:

1. A signed copy of PARANORMALCY

2. A signed copy of THE CLOCKWORK THREE by Mathew J. Kirby

3. A signed copy of PALACE BEAUTIFUL by Sarah DeFord Williams

4. A signed copy of PLAIN KATE by Erin Bow

5. A signed copy of PRINCESS FOR HIRE by Lindsey Leavitt

Okay, so go forth and suggest your fantasy TDD cast. I can't wait to see your suggestions!! And be sure to spread the word about the contest.

*Please note, this is all just for fun and amusement. It will in no way affect the actual casting of a TDD movie--if it's ever actually made--since I don't have any influence on casting.


Anonymous said...

Grace: Danielle Campbell
Daniel: Alex Pettyfer
April: Kirsten Prout
Pete: Chris Olivero
Talbot: Kellan Lutz

Jena said...

So in the short time I looked.. here are my favorites :)

Grace: Lucy Hale or Emily Browning
Daniel: Hunter Parrish
Jude: Chase Crawford
April: Brittany Snow
Pete: Xavier Samuel
Pastor Divine: Colin Firth
Mrs Divine: Susan Ward
Talbot: Matt Lanter or Kellan Lutz

That's my hottie cast basically :)

+1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/Jenababy13/status/25829207820

Thanks for this! I can't wait to see your favs!

Riv Re said...

Grace: Scarlett Byrne
Daniel: Daniel Radcliffe
Jude: Logan Lerman
April: Dianna Agron
Pete: Gaspard Ulliel
Mrs Divine: Idina Menzel
Talbot: Alex Pettyfer

I spent a while on this...
Thanks for the awesome contest!

Brittany said...

Grace - Emily Browning
Daniel - James Marsden
Jude - Cillian Murphy
April - Amanda Seyfried
Pete - Mark Salling
Pastor Divine - Kevin Spacey
Mrs. Divine - Nicole Kidman

Brittany said...

Also linked in blog sidebar +2

Rachel Yarbrough said...

Grace: Allison Miller
Daniel: Blair Redford
Jude: Aaron Johnson
April: Jayne Wisener
Pete: Erik Knudsen
Talbot: Reece Thompson ( granted he'd have to muscle up for the role. )

Shell said...

OOO! I like this! Looking at hot actors...

+1 Grace- Demi Lovato
+1 Daniel-Toby Hemingway
+1 Jude-Paul Wesley
+1 April- Emily Osment
+1 Pete- Trevor Donovan
+1 Pastor Divine- Konstantin Khabenskiy
+1 Mrs. Divine- Julia Roberts
+1 Talbot- Matt Lanter (isn't he yummy???)

+1 tweeted here: http://twitter.com/WulfLuva93

+2 right sidebar: http://wulfluva-shellsstories.blogspot.com/

Please let me win please let me win please let me win...

Jena said...

@RivRe - YES Logan Lerman for JUDE! I love him!

@Wulfluva - Toby Hemmingway is another great choice! :)

I'm loving this contest :)

Alyosha said...

I'm really out of touch with the whole teen actor scene, but I can think of some. This is totally exciting, by the way.
Grace--India Eisley
Daniel-- that new guy on Glee
Jude--Jonathan Groff
April--Brittany Robertson
Pastor Divine--Nathan fillion
Mrs. Divine--Evangeline lily

Rachel Yarbrough said...

@Alyosha :: The new guy on Glee is played by the actor/musician Chord Overstreet.

Andrea said...

This is Hard! I love the characters too much I think you need new people but how about this?

Grace: Victoria Justice

Daniel: Hunter Parrish

Jude: Adam Gregory

April: Aly Michalka

Pete: Mark Salling

Pastor Divine: Mandy Patinkin (I know he may be a bit old, but I LOVE HIM)

Mrs Divine: Lauren Graham

I haven't had the great opportunity to read TLS so Talbot is to hard but Im super excited! and congrats on the movie Option!!

Andrea said...

Oh ahd on the blog


Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Alyosha- I was just thinking Nathan Fillion for Pastor Divine (mostly because I really wan to meet him) but I'd have to get over his way creepy portrayal of Caleb the Psycho Priest in Buffy. man, he creeped me out for years after that. but now after Firefly and Castle, I totally love him. But seeing him in a pastor's collar might bring back the heebee jeebees.

Jackson Porter said...

Grace: Ashley Leggat
Daniel: Hunter Parrish
Pete: David Henry
April: Kristen Prout
Pastor Divine: Tom Virtue

I tweeted it: www.twitter.com/jackson_porter
And I commented on my blog to promote it www.jacksonporter.blogspot.com

Jena said...

@Bookworm Andrea .. Lauren Graham was another suggestion I had in my head for Mrs. Divine!

Nicole said...

What a fun idea. I'm so out of the loop on who the cool actors are so I'll leave that to your younger hipper readers, besides having waded through high school with you when I read the book everyone in it looks like, well us. I even remember what the "triple threat" smile looked like ;)

Sue said...

I think honestly they should find fresh, unknown faces. But if there's a dream team cast this is mine:
Grace- Troian Avery Bellisario
Daniel- Chord Overstreet
Jude- Matt Lanter
April- Dianna Agron
Pete- Cory Monteith
Pastor Divine- Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Mrs. Divine- Emily Deschanel
Talbot- Chace Crawford

And I tweeted (https://twitter.com/sueharman) and blogged (http://sueharman.blogspot.com/)

Bets said...

I'm way out of the teen actor loop too, but I'm trying. :) I did think of Nathan Fillion but he and Michael Cera (who I think would be brilliant) are so typecast right now it would be difficult.... overthinking here. ;) But this is fun; thanks for coming up with this!

Grace: Daveigh Chase
Daniel: Zach Gilford
Jude: Zac Efron
April: Anna-Sophia Robb
Pete: Scott Porter
Pastor Divine: Jack Coleman
Mrs Divine: Lauren Graham

Anonymous said...

Grace: India Eisley
Daniel: Alex Pettyfer
Jude: Matt Lanter
April: Aly Michalka
Pete: Trevor Donovan
Pastor Divine: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Mrs Divine: Melina Kanakaredes
Talbot: Channing Tatum


Michaela C said...

Grace: Nina Dobrev
Daniel: Matt Lanter
Jude: Zac Efron
April: Candice Accola
Mrs. Divine: Teri Hatcher
Talbot: Channing Tatum
Pete: Alex Pettyfer
Mr. Divine: Pierce Brosnan

Cranberryfries said...

Seriously exciting things. Okay I'm so not up on young girls in hollywood right now but my kids have been watching a lot of Hannah Montana so I'm gonna say Emily Osment for Grace. :)

Also I mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook.

And I'm DIEING to see my name in that book :) I heard from Heather (FireandIce) that she saw it and i've tried contacting Egmont but I'm guessing I'll have to wait just like everyone else. Haha.

Llehn said...

Grace - Emily Browning
Daniel - Ian Somerhalder
Jude - Tom Welling
April - Diana Agron
Pete - Mark Salling
Pastor Divine - Tim Daly
Mrs. Divine - Jennifer Connelly


Lacey J Edwards said...

Daniel: Chord Overstreet (new kid on Glee)

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/LJBoldyrev/status/25897735796

Thank you!

ljb @ ljboldyrev dot com

Michelle Santiago said...

Grace: Lea Michele
Daniel: Jeremy Sumpter
Jude: Chase Crawford
April: Bridgit Mendler
Pete: Mark Salling
Pastor Divine: David Boreanaz
Mrs Divine: Kristin Davis
Talbot: Toby Hemingway

tweeted: http://twitter.com/chelleyreads/status/25897176795

Llehn said...

Forgot to add :

Talbot = Zac Efron


Aeriell Choquette said...

Lucy Hale as Grace
Trevor Blumas as Jude
Drew Roy as Daniel
Janette Mccurdy as April
David Dushony as Pastor Divine
Kelly Preston as Mrs. Divine
Channing Tatum as Talbot


retweeted : aeriell1228

The Lost Saint come out on my birthday :) My husband said thanks for a great present lol

Anonymous said...

(trying this again. I don't think it went through the first time I tried.)


[+1] Grace - Candice Accola
[+1] Daniel - Hunter Parrish
[+1] Jude - Jake Abel
[+1] April - Anna Kendrick
[+1] Pete - Austin Butler
[+1] Pastor Divine - Nathan Fillion
[+1] Mrs. Divine - Idina Menzel
[+1] Talbot - Jared Padalecki

[+1] retweeted on Twitter @getyourshovel

Diana said...

I actually finished reading the Dark Divine about a week ago & I was planning on doing my own dream cast, but a contest is better motivation :)

I actually made a youtube video & I would love for you all to check it out & let me know what you think!

YOUTUBE Link: Enjoy :)



Konstanz Silverbow said...

Grace: Miranda Cosgrove
Daniel:Rafi Gavron
Jude: Sean Faris
April: Katija Pevec
Pete:Alex Pettyfer
Mrs Divine: Kristen Wiig
Pastor Divine: Jude Law

Shared on:


Aubrey said...

I tried not looking at other posts before finding my names! Here they are:

Grace,Emma Watson
Daniel,Chace Crawford
Jude, Adam Gregory
April, Alyson Michalka (from Hellcats)
Pete, Kellan lutz
Pastor Divine,Matthew Settle
Mrs. Divine, Kristin Davis
Talbot, Jared Padalecki

+1 -I'm tweeting about the contest!

I can't wait to read TLS and to see what becomes of TDD!

D said...

SO I'm pretty out of the loop as to current teen stars except for the uber famous ones. SO I thought I'd be a little different and do some 80's/90's teen casting. :)
Grace- Winona Ryder
Jude- John Cusak
Daniel- Mark Paul Glossear or Ricky Schroder are the famous blondes but I think a young johnny Depp would work well.
pete- there weren't really any big,athletic stars that I can think of... Michael J Fox- he was athletic in Teen wolf :) or Matt Dillon is at least tall.
April: Jennifer Gray or Elizabeth Shue
Pastor divine: Alan Thicke (I do love the idea of Nathan Fillion in this role :) )
Mrs.Divine: Mary Steenburgen

Sarah Palmiotti said...

For Grace I choose Elizabeth Egan Gillies
For Daniel I choose Avan Jogia
For Jude Chord Overstreet
For April i choose Samantha Cope
For Pete: Brant Daughtry
For Pastor Divine:Nathan Fillion
For Mrs. Divine: Mary Steenburgen
For Talbot I was thinking I like the idea of Zac Efron

http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#! <-- there is a link of me spreading the word on facebook/ and i would share it on my website if i had one well thanks =]

karli said...

Grace - Emily Browning

Daniel - Mitch Hewer

Jude - Nolan Gerard Funk

April -Tiffany Thorton

Pete - Kellan Lutz

Pastor Devine - Nicolas Cage

Mrs Devine - Maria Canals-Barrera

Talbot - Paul Wesley

Anonymous said...

GRACE- Alexis Bledel
DANIEL- Chad Murrey
JUDE- Gaspard Ulliel
APRIL- Tylor Swift, Juno Temple or Ashley Benson
PETE- Xavier Samuel
MRS DIVINE- Eva Longoria or Robyn Hyden
TALBOT- Channing Tatum or Kellan Lutz

Also I mentioned it on Twitter (http://twitter.com/Little_Dhampir5) and Facebook.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

D- Love the 80s casting of the movie! A young Johny Depp for Daniel is a great idea. 21 Jump Street-- swoon.

Keep em coming, guys. I love these suggestions A few people have been emailing me pics to go along with their casts. Love them!

Jena said...

@truexillusions - love your cast choices!!

Lots of Matt Lanter, and Kellan Lutz.. oh yeah :) + Hunter Parrish & Jeremy Sumpter & Chace Crawford = def my favs!

Kate Coursey said...

Grace: Dakota Fanning
Daniel: Channing Tatum
Jude: James Marsden
April: Amanda Seyfried
Pete: David Henry
Pastor Divine: Tim Daly
Mrs. Divine: Emily Deschanel (may be a little young but she's my fav)

+2 for blogging!!!

noliea said...

grace: selena gomez
daniel: harland williams
jude: steven r. mcquenn
april: dakota fanning
pete:kellun lutz
pator divine:kurt russel
mrs divine:elisabeth shue
talbot: kevin bacon
some of them may be a little older but i think would be good. can't wait for the book.. told people on my face book...

Tara said...

+ 8 for Casting:

Grace: Georgia Groome (I know she's not as glamorous as some of the suggestions but I think she's pretty in a girl next door way and has a Romanish nose)
Daniel: I am at an utter loss. Alex Pettyfer is probably the only one I can think of.
Jude: Keegan Allen (from Pretty Little Liars. Not a very square jaw, but he's perfect in my head)
April: Emma Roberts
Pete: Jared Padalecki
Pastor Divine: Peter Sarsgaard. He needs to be in every movie.
Mrs Devine: Maria Canals-Barrera (the mom from Wizards of Waverly Place)
Talbot: Steve McQueen (the younger one, from the Vampire Diaries. I don't know if you noticed, but he has GREAT arms. yum yum)

+ 1 for Spreading the Word:

On my left hand sidebar - http://hobbitsies.net/wordpress/



Ana Lucía said...

It took a while but here it is!

Grace - Daveigh Chase
Daniel - ryan gosling
Jude - Alex Pettyfer
Pete - Matt Lanter
April - Brittany Robertson
Mrs Divine - Lauren Graham
Mr. Divine - Jack Coleman
Talbot – Chaning Tatum

Also mentioned on facebook.

Nina Decker said...

Awesome contest! My suggestions are:

Grace: Jessica Stroup
Daniel: Sterling Knight (or Alex Pettyfer ;)
Jude: Ben Barnes
April: Evanna Lynch
Pete: Lucas Till
Talbot: Yes, I want Matt Lanter, too :)

I retweeted (MrsJenkins83) and also mentioned the contest in my review on my blog: http://buchjunkies.blog.de/2010/09/16/the-dark-divine-urbat-dunkle-gabe-bree-despain-9397058/ (last line :)

Best contest ever!! :D

dmcarroll5 said...

What a great idea for a contest! Thanks!!

Grace: Nina Dobrev

Daniel: Cam Gigandet

Jude: Zac Efron

April: Amy Smart

Pete: Kellan Lutz

Pastor Divine: Alexander Skarsgård

Mrs. Divine: Penélope Cruz

Talbot: Ryan Kwanten

Michaela C said...

Put something out about the contest on the Book Club fanpage on facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Book-Club/193558430461?ref=ts

Katie (Bookishly Yours) said...

Grace: Elise Eberle
Daniel: Ryan Rottman
Jude: Asher Book
April: Sasha Pieterse
Pete: Cody Longo
Pastor Divine: Michael Mantell
Mrs. Divine: Ayelet Zurer

latishajean said...

This is hard to think of a cast :) It is also very fun to do keep changing my mind! Thanks for this great giveaway!

Grace - Nina Dobrev
Daniel- Toby Hemingway
pete - Xavier Samuel
Jude - Chase Crawford/like him
April - Anna Kendrick
Mrs Divine - Kelly Preston
Pastor Divine - Nathan Fillion

Tweeted too

Jeff Reid said...

The Dark Divine is on Storycasting.com, the PREMIER fantasy-casting website. Any book you want, cast using author photos, and we track stats. Fun and free. Go look - it's THE place to fantasy cast!

Allie said...

Grace: Anna Kendrick
Daniel: Jayson Blair (without the stubble)
Jude: Xavier Samuel
April: Taylor Swift
Pete: Channing Tatum
Pastor Divine: Peter Facinelli
Mrs. Divine: Beth Littleford
Talbot: Kellan Lutz

Jonathan said...

This is a very good idea ^^
(I cannot resist to add Don)

Grace: Emily Browning
Daniel: Mitch Hewer
Jude: Grey Damon
April:Emma Roberts
Pete: Jess Moss
Pastor Divine: Jack Coleman
Mrs. Divine: Catherine Hicks
Don: John Malkovitch
Talbot: Tom Welling

My e-mail adress is: jobrychcy@hotmail.fr
(yes I'm French ^^)

Kari Olson said...

Grace: Alexis Bleidel
Daniel: James Marsden
Jude: Chase Crawford
April:Emma Roberts
Pete: Alex Pettyfer
Pastor Divine: Jack Coleman
Mrs. Divine: Kelly Preston
Talbot: Kellan Lutz

The contest is also on my sidebar: http://agoodaddiction.blogspot.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/flamingo1325/status/26231141521

flamingo1325 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Grace: Amanda Seyfried
Daniel: Chase Crawford
Jude: Dominic Cooper
April: Dakota Fanning
Pete: Kellan Luntz
Pastor Devine: Colin Firth
Mrs. Devine: Claire Forlani
Talbot: Kellan Luntz (if not Pete)

I tweeted: stiletostrytime

Thanks for the great giveaway!
stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Thank you for the giveaway!!! :D

Grace Anna Kendrick
Daniel Alex Pettyfer
Jude Logan Lerman
April Emma Roberts
Pete Kellan Lutz
Pastor Divine Peter Facinelli
Mrs. Divine Kelly Preston

Anonymous said...

Grace-- Emily Browning
Daniel-- Hunter Parrish
Jude-- Chase Crawford
April-- Aly Michalka
Pete-- Kellan Lutz
Pastor Divine—Colin Firth
Mrs. Divine-- Lauren Graham
Talbot-- Steve McQueen

Kelsey said...

Grace: Emma Roberts
Daniel: Liam Hensworth
Jude: Daniel Radcliffe
April: Chelsea Staub
Pete: Kellan Lutz
Pastor Divine: Johnny Depp
Mrs. Divine: Julia Roberts
Talbot: Channing Tatum

Thanks :)

Brooke Goldetsky said...

Grace- Emma Watson ( when she has dark brown hair she is gorgeous

Jude- Gregg Sulkin

Daniel- Drew Roy

April- Megan Park

Pete- Greg Finley or Robbie Amell

Pastor Divine- Robert Pralgo

Talbot- Jared Padelecki

The guys were easy! I had trouble picking the girlies! I could not find the right Mrs. Divine!


Giada M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Giada M. said...

Grace: Emily Browning
Daniel: Alex Pettyfer
Jude: Ben Barnes
April: Amanda Seyfried
Pete: Gaspard Ulliel
Pastor Divine: Alexander Skarsgård
Mrs Divine: Idina Menzel
Talbot: Jensen Ackles

Thank you for this great giveaway!

Giada M.

fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Grace: Christa Theret
Daniel: Ed Speelers
Jude: Steven R. McQueen
April: Chloe Moretz
Pete: Colton Haynes
Pastor Divine: Robert Downey Jr. (I couldn't think of anyone, so I settled on RDJ)
Mrs. Divine: Rachel Weisz
Talbot: Penn Badgely

I made a post on my blog (with pictures!!) that you can check out as well.

And I tweeted it

A Canadian Girl said...

Grace: Emma Roberts
Daniel: Alex Pettyfer
Jude: Logan Lerman
April: Dakota Fanning
Pete: Rupert Grint
Pastor Divine: Alexander Skarsgard
Mrs. Divine: Bridget Moynahan
Talbot: Kellan Lutz

Elizabeth Morgan said...

Grace, Emma Roberts
Daniel,Tom Felton
Jude, William Moseley
April, Emma Watson
Pete, Skandar Keynes
Pastor Divine, Tom Cruise
Mrs. Divine, Judy McIntosh
Talbot, Lucus Till

brendajean said...

Grace- Jessica Lowndes
Daniel- Matt Barr
Jude- Penn Badgley
April- Chelsea Staub
Pete- Eric Martsolf
Pastor D- Brian Gaskill
Mrs. D.- Sara Canning

Talbot- Asher Pike (yum)


Congrats and can't wait for the book:)

Truth Be Told Blog said...

So for Talbot I am going to say Landon Libroiron. His family actually owns a farm too :)

Plus he is wayyy cute.

truthbetold004 at gmail dot com

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Love these, you guys. I've been having a lot of fun looking up pictures of all these actors. Such hard work. Le sigh. ;)

Love the youtube video you made!! Great choices.

Truth Be Told Blog said...

For Daniel I want to say Chase Crawford. He looks like a bad boy gone good.
truthbetold004 at gmail dot com

Truth Be Told Blog said...

I think Leighton Meester should play Grace. She could totally pull it off with a bit of a look change.

truthbetold004 at gmail dot com

Truth Be Told Blog said...


Sandy said...

Grace: Kay Panabaker
Daniel: Chace Crawford
Jude: Gregg Sulkin
April: Amanda Seyfried
Pete: Zac Effron
Pastor Divine: Nathan Fillion
Mrs. Divine: Kristin Davis
Talbot: Kellan Lutz

Aaaaand tweeted here!

Abhishek Duggal said...

I second:

Grace: Vanessa Hudgens

Daniel: Alex Pettyfer

Jude: Penn Badgley

April: Alyson Michalka

Pete: Zach Roerig

Pastor Divine: Judd Law

Mrs. Divine: Orla Brady

Talbot: Jared Padalecki

Thanks for the opportunity!

forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

Anne said...

Yay! 11 points total!

+8 (one per character)
Grace: Vanessa Hudgens
Daniel: Alex Pettyfer
Jude: Penn Badgley
April: Alyson Michalka
Pete: Zach Roerig
Pastor Divine: Judd Law
Mrs. Divine: Orla Brady - I think this is my fav of all my picks she seems to fit Mrs Devine perfect she is even from Ireland! :)
Talbot: Jared Padalecki

+2 I blogged about it: http://bringmeanotherbook.blogspot.com/
+1 and Tweeted: @acsimps:


Anne said...

weird...I think that Abhishek Duggal might be seconding my choices since I just posted on my blog and tweeted the same picks before I left my comment here. Should I pick new ones?

Laura Umek said...

Hmmm this is fun! For the perfect cast contest:

Grace: Lily Collins or Emily Browning
Daniel: Max Theirot
Jude: Logan Lerman
April: Sara Paxton
Pete: Alex Pettyfer
Pastor Divine: Collin Firth
Mrs. Divine: Mary Steenburgen
Talbot: Lucas Till

I love these actors/actresses hope you do too :)

Crazy for words said...

So I agonized over these. But I'm dying to read TLS and I'm an X-Men fangirl so... I had some fun. ^_^

Grace: Rachel Hurd-Wood
Daniel: Jeremy Sumpter
Jude: Jesse McCartney
April: Aly Michalka
Pete: Jesse Metcalfe
Pastor Divine: Steven Brand
Mrs. Divine: Connie Nelson
Talbot: Jake Gyllenhaal

Congrats and good luck with the movie stuff!

Crazy for words said...

Oh and I tweeted:


Misha Fitt said...

Grace Divine - Jessica Stroup
Jude divine - Adam Gregory
Daniel Kalbi - Zachery Abel
April - Rebecca Breeds
Pete - Zach Roerig
Don Mooney - Jack Weber
Pastor Divine - Gary Sinise
Meredith Divine - Moira Kelly
Charity Divine - India Eisley
Lynn Bishop - Josie Loren

I am the only one who has 'fantasy cast' at storycasting.com, please come ad your opinions!

Misha Fitt said...

and here is my tweet :

Misha Fitt said...

and another name drop - http://www.storycasting.com/work.aspx?id=e71b820d-d3fe-41dd-8082-016b4fca27af

Katie (Bookishly Yours) said...

eeep I just realized I never put down my email address: bookishlyyoursreviews@gmail.com

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Don't worry about it Anne!

Amanda C. said...

I can't wait to see the movie! And I can't wait until The Lost Saint comes out!!! But here is my fantasy cast. Some minor changes to hair and stuff, but I think they would be perfect! :D

Grace- Kristen Prout (she's blond, but isn't that what hair dye is for? LOL)

Daniel- Steven Strait (With long hair! Hotness! LOL)

Jude- Max Thieriot

April- Brittany Snow

Pete- Josh Hutcherson

Pastor Divine- Sean Patrick Flanery

Mrs. Divine- Emily Deschanel

Well, what do you think? :D I like it! Hope you do too! :)

Unknown said...

Grace-chloe bridges( camp rock I thought she was pretty and she looks so innocent and sweet)
Daniel-Gregg Sulkin
Jude-Matt Lanter
April-Taylor Momsen
Pete-chance crawford
Pastor Divine-Matt Damon
Mrs. Divine-Kate Winslet