Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brief Physical Descriptions of TDD Characters


Almost 17. Fair skinned with long, dark brown, loosely curly hair and violet eyes. She describes her nose as being "Roman." Has that "girl next-door" fresh-faced kind of beauty going on. Short.


Age 18. Naturally very blonde but sometimes dyes his hair black. Deep, dark brown eyes. Thinner build, but tall and well-muscled. Devious smile. Sometimes described as being "wicked hot" but also sometimes he looks like an angel. (A hot angel, of course.)


Almost 18. Short, dark brown, hair. Violet eyes. Square jaw. Also has a "roman nose." Jude and Grace look very much like brother and sister.


Age 16. Blond, very curly hair that resembles Cocker Spaniel ears. Blue eyes. Has that Minnesota "Scandinavian" look.


Age 18. Big and athletic. Rusty colored hair.

Pastor Divine:

Half Scandinavian, half Russian-ish ancestry. Fair. Wears glasses. In his early forties.

Mrs. Divine:

Dark brown hair like Grace's. She's half Italian/half Jewish. In her early forties.


Early 20s. Large "farm-boy-esque" build. Tall. Very well-built with large forearms. Wavy, milk-chocolate colored hair. Emerald green eyes. Has a penchant for wearing plaid.


Riv Re said...

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Elizabeth Mueller said...

Hi, Bree! Grace sounds like a description of you! <3

Caitlin said...

Talbot sounds pretty....hot :]
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