Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My husband is a freakin' genius . . .

Christmas brings out a lot of different emotions in many of us: joy, gratitude, charity, stress, depression, revelry, and reflection. And as most parents can attest to, the holiday season also brings out a lot in our children. They can be down right adorable while hanging ornaments on the tree, or hand-crafting Christmas presents for their grandparents out of Mommy's card-stock collection. They can seem angelic while acting out the nativity scene, and there's nothing more delightful than watching their eyes light up when they get the perfect gift from Santa . . .

But it is more than inevitable that the "dark side" of your child's personality will rear its ugly head during the holiday season, and your adorable, angelic, delightful child will transform into a spoiled, rotten, brat. After a good week of buildup, KidZ officially reached this point at 12:05 pm, yesterday. I was fit to be tied, but my genius husband set to work in order to remedy the problem. After a co-worker suggested that he send a "notice letter" to KidZ, informing him that he had been put on Santa's naughty list, my husband employed the creative services department at his work to help him create this:

Here's the text in case you don't have Clark Kent's eyesight.:

Dear KidZ,

My Christmas helpers just told me that you were recently put on the naughty list. I am very sad about this, because you are a special boy, who is very smart and very kind.

My elves and I have been working hard to make you the presents you wanted this year. It would be really sad if I had to throw those toys away.

But there is hope! You can still make the nice list in time for Christmas since you’ve been a good boy most of the year. This is what I need you to do so I can still give you the presents we made for you:

  1. Be Grateful. Tell your mom and dad thank you when they do nice things for you. Tell them thank you for giving you a place to sleep that is warm. Tell them thank you for making sure you have food to eat. Tell them thank you for all the nice toys you have already.

  1. Be Happy. Make the choice to be happy. Don’t get mad or upset when something doesn’t go your way, but choose to be happy that you have a family that loves you and wants to help you.

  1. Be Kind. I know it’s hard to be nice all the time. Sometimes other people aren’t nice to you and it hurts your feelings. But if you are always nice back, you will feel happy and help others learn that being nice is much better than being mean or selfish.

  1. Be Smart. Sometimes it’s hard to make good choices. When you get really sad or upset, it’s hard to think about what you should do. But, you are a smart boy and I know you are really good at making good choices when you try. Don’t scream and yell when you don’t get what you want, but think about it and try to find a good way to fix it. Ask your mom and dad if you need help. I know they will want to help you if you ask nicely.

Remember KidZ, you are very blessed and you have a family that loves you very much. If you can remember to be grateful, happy, kind, and smart, you’ll make it back on my nice list before Christmas.

Good luck!


Santa Claus

Zealand received this letter in the "mail" last night, and I dare say that he has never been so well-behaved in his life. . .Sigh, I just wish it would last all year round. I've got Santa envy.

P.S. Feel free to copy the letter for use with one of your own children. It works wonders!


Kelly V. said...

Love the letter! Looks like Santa has some influence from Pres. Hinckley on some points. :-) I have complete faith that Zealand will be back on the nice list shortly.

Mrs. O said...

That is a fabulous idea! I think there might be one of those letters in my future.

Tai said...

This is about the greatest thing I have ever heard. Good job on parenting.

Alyosha said...

My kids could definitely have used one of those yesterday. Then again, I could have used one too.

Rachie said...

Ha! Brian showed me the letter they gave to their son the other day and it cracked me up--Brick really IS a freaking genius! And I love that it actually made KidZ straighten up and fly right. May it last you until Easter when you can threaten him with a letter from the bunny himself!

Michelle said...

Ahh, manipulation at its best.