Monday, February 20, 2012

Talentmania Fan Fiction Entry #6

By MaCayla Caso

His body went rigid under her touch. He could feel the cold permeating from her fingertips and it enticed him. Her piercing green eyes looked over him, as if embracing him, taking in every centimeter of him. Her petite figure could take him down in less then a second if she had to. Her hand trailed from his back around to his chest.
“Nice to see you again Jude,” she said, her voice sounding like it’s made of silk. She knows her power over him. Something about the way she is makes him feel like a magnet being attracted to metal. The lightness of her touch sent a chill through out his skin. “What are you here for now, since I know you aren’t here to see my enchanting face?”
It fits that she referred to her face as enchanting since it truly is. The heart-shape of it and the pout of her lips made it beautiful without too much work. “I need your help Zia,” he said, every word clipped at the end. He could only think about every move she takes and how her body was so close he could smell the scent of her perfume. He wanted to grab her and hold her in his arms never letting go. He has always known she was the one that made his heart race and always will. She tempted him in no ways any other person has. But the past has stopped what they could have had and he knows it wont progress, but is in a frozen moment, there but not changing.
“I knew you just wanted to use me for your own gain,” she said with her plump, red lips turning up into a start of a smile. Their history was brief but it would always be there. He knew the reason they were so attracted to each other because of the senses and links that come from them both having the wolf in them. The wolf intensifies how much they want each other. “What can I help you with my love?”
The way she said that caused him to stand up straighter. He had gotten to know and love her in his time away from home, or what used to be his home. He is not the good boy he used to be. When Daniel had turned him into this monster he had to change. The world he is in now does not have to do with charities and meaningless school grades. People don’t see the world he is in and like to avoid the truth of it. Zia came closer to Jude and he brushed back some of the long strands of thick, black hair that fell into her alabaster toned face. “I need your help to get a message to my sister,” he said breathlessly from her close proximity.