Monday, February 20, 2012

Talentmania Fan Fiction Entry #1

By Tammy B

I opened my eyes to blackness.
Everything was hazy, memories escaping out of my reach. I went still and took a few deep breaths to clear my mind. Slowly, realization set in.
I was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair, hands tied behind my back. The darkness was actually a blindfold over my eyes.
They caught me.
The Shadow Kings.

It all began about a year ago. You see, I was turned into a werewolf by my boyfriend (ex-boyfriend). He kind of forgot to mention that small detail when we started dating. One evening things got out of control and I earned a scar just above my collarbone. The following day was the first time I Changed.
The pain was unbearable, coursing through my veins like a drug. Every limb and muscle, every bone screamed with agony. My thoughts through the Change were a real mess, not here nor there. It was almost impossible to focus on anything but the pain. I wanted it to stop.
There was one thought, though, that kept breaking through the pain.
I'm going to die.
At those moments, I wished I did.

Later, the Change would become easier and easier, and only a couple of months after, I was able to Change whenever I wanted. Which was good, very good. On the hundredth day of being a wolf, my seventeenth birthday, I ran away.
If you asked me how, I would have no idea, but I managed to successfully live in the wilderness. I would come across a pack, join them for a while, and then move on. I've made some friends and crashed in with them when it had been needed.
It was going well until two weeks ago, when I first noticed somebody was following me. At last, yesterday somebody knocked me out with a hit on the back of my head, and now I was here, in a cold, not so good-smelling room, anticipating my destiny.
Thanks to my inner wolf, I could see and hear abnormally good, and I was extraordinary fast and strong. I focused on the sounds around me, realizing that I was in the room alone, most likely underground. Then I focused on the sounds coming from outside. At fist nothing, but then...
One - no, two- pair of footsteps coming closer and closer...I didn't have the time to prepare.
The door burst open.

There was a sound of hard breathing, then someone's hands were on the ropes that bound my hands, untying them. My blindfold slid off.
In front of me stood a boy and girl, both around my age, by the looks, although the boy did look a bit older.
He was blonde and cute, and she definitely looked smart and like she was in charge of something, but not in a bad way, but in a way that she was born to be a leader.
Two things I noticed by the way they were standing.
One, they were an item.
Two, they were werewolves.

I was about to say something, but the room was suddenly filled with SKs, and before I knew it, we were in a battle.
Blows and hits were flying all over the place, and in the middle of the fight, I counted how many of them we were fighting.
Three of us against eight of them.
Well, dang it.

I prayed that those two were as good in fighting as they were in rescuing missions. Luckily, they were.
By the time I got one of the Shadow Kings, each of them took down two. Their movements were clean and precise, but also full of grace, where mine were somewhat sloppy and predictable.
I sensed an attack from my behind and spun around, connecting my foot with the stomach of a hooded man. He buckled a bit, but didn't go down. I was preparing for my next hit when he reached out and sent me flying backwards into a wall.
I saw stars for a second, but then regained my balance and stood up, just in time to see the girl finishing the poor bastard. I looked around.
Only the three of us were left standing.
Quickly I approached them and said: "Uh, thanks. I'm Emily."
The girl smiled and moved closer to the boy. "Glad to help. This", she hugged the blonde-haired boy, "is Daniel, and I'm Grace."
I smiled back. "Nice to meet you both."
Grace looked at the door, my path to freedom, and said, "Shall we?"


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