Monday, February 20, 2012

Talentmania Fan Fiction Entry #3

By Vy Tran

The wood was awfully quiet tonight. It doesn’t matter though, even if I have a millions pair of eyes watching me, I still run. As fast as I can, as hard, until the soles of my feet feel like nothing more than tingling sensation. What was I suppose to do? Stand there and watch April and Jude snuggle on the couch, like nothing even matter anymore? Like all the problems in the world is solve. Not even close. Each and everyday, I feel the weight of the world falling on me, one by one, not at all completely. That would have ruined their fun. They dump a little bit on me each day, just to watch me fall. Just to watch me dodge the inevitable. We all know that it was impossible, but I still try, and in the end the only one going to fall will be me along with my stubbornness.

I got to the middle of nowhere. Just I, surrounded by the sweet smell of tree branches, and dead leaves. The smell indicating that fall is almost over and winter is just the next to come. Here, everything seems so peaceful, so stunning, just beautiful. Nothing compares to my raging heart, and nerve wrecking inside. There are a millions thing to be done, and here I am running away from my problems. Even if it was for a little while, I still feel at ease. Maybe sometime, if you can’t find the solution to your problem, you should just run. As far from it as you can, despise all those that you would hurt in the process. This thought only brings me back to Daniel. His sweet smiling face, as his shaggy blonde hair runs down to his eyes. His eyes. The most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen, now sit on top of a face fill with fur and a snout. I will never be able to hold on to his tight and secure embrace, or feel the touch of his lips on mine, along with the feeling of heat arouses all over my body as an after effect to his kiss. How will I be able to reverse the curse that had haunted him practically his whole life? More importantly, how will I be able to keep my purist souls at it most vulnerable state, as each and everyday, the wolf inside me threatens to take over? Will I still be Grace Divine, in the end, or does it ends here for me?

I had to choke back the tears that had threatened to come out, when a familiar smell came out and surrounds the woods. It was painfully sweet. The smell of almonds surrounds me, calming, almost telling me that everything will be okay, and that I have to keep fighting. I look up to see a wolf, in the color of white, so bright, so pure, that it literally stands out against the cold and dark woods, luring me in to it. The beautiful wolf walks toward me, in a way that so graceful, so controlled, and delicate, yet also in a way that almost protective. His snout nuzzles under my neck, urging me to look at him. But I can’t. Not when I was just about to give up. On everything. On us. How I was so selfish, but when I stare into those brown eyes, that were all it took for me to realize that he was never mad. In fact, he understands what I am going through right now. Because he is going through the same battle. This is his way telling me that I am not alone, and no matter what, I have him with me. Along with everyone else.

“Daniel.” I whisper his name. It tasted sweet as it rolls off my tongue, and with that I lean into his fur neck, and cried. I let out all the tears that I have been holding back ever since we got back from the warehouse that day. As he sit there, patiently waiting. I can almost hear him say that everything will be okay. And that no matter what happen I will be with him. Forever.


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