Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Moon Extravaganza #5

The full moon is bright in the sky once again, and Egmont USA is celebrating with a new extravaganza. This time you can win a $20 iTunes giftcard. Head over to their Facebook page in order to enter by clicking HERE.

And don't forget about the Dark Divine Fan Talentmania. Submissions are starting to come in and I am so excited! Be sure to check out the contest because there is something for everyone. Even if you don't want to submit fan art or fan fiction, you can still enter to win signed books, jewelry, and nail polish by helping to spread the word about Talentmania. For details, click HERE.

Oh, and look what arrived today: Hardcover copies of THE SAVAGE GRACE! I can't believe this little baby is finally a real book! Isn't she a beauty?

Also, a few events are coming up over the next couple months too. Check them out:

February 9th-11th - I'll be speaking and signing at the Life, The Universe, and Everything conference in Provo, UT. (Utah Valley University)

March 13th - THE SAVAGE GRACE will release in the US! The official launch party will be held that evening at The King's English in Salt Lake City, UT, so save the date.

March 17th - I'll be teaching at the Writing For Charity conference held at the Provo Library. This is a great event that gives all its proceeds to children's charities. Go HERE for more details.

April 11th-15th - I'll be attending the RT Book Lover's Convention in Chicago and participating in the YA Slumber Party, the Teen Day Party, as well as doing a signing in YA Alley. Be sure to stop by if you'll be there, too!

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