Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Dark Divine soundtrack: song #4 and #5

I left my house yesterday morning around 11:00 am, and I basically haven't been home until right now--so many apologies for missing yesterday's song. Seriously, it's been stressing me out. Therefore, today I will give you two songs for your listening enjoyment (and they're really good ones!).

The Dark Divine song #4 is Ooh La by The Kooks.

I love The Kooks. They have recently made it into my top 3 favorite bands. My friend Rachie did a recent post on The Kooks where you can listen to more of their songs if you want (and why wouldn't you?!) Ooh La is not only one of my favs (and a song I often listen to while writing) it is a favorite of the entire Despain family. I do believe this is the first song little KidA ever started singing along too. It is so cute to hear his tiny, raspy, toddler voice (did I ever mention that KidA has a smoker-baby voice?) crooning the "Ooh las" from the backseat of the car. And KidZ always requests this song for our family dance parties (even I am known to dance along with this one).

The line: "She was such a good girl to me," is the one that resonates the most with my book. But the overall feeling/mood I'm going for at this moment in the soundtrack is that of someone feeling used or unneeded. Or perhaps that of someone else lamenting the fact that they've made the other person feel used or unneeded.

Have a listen--and I dare you not to dance!

So on to song #5: Be Still My Heart by The Postal Service (the Nobody remix--and yes, it absolutely has to be the Nobody remix!!!)

The actual words of this song don't have much to do with what is happening in my book (other than the line: "This could be a brand new start . . .with you"), it is more the feeling of the song that I wanted for the soundtrack. I wanted to capture the elation/excitement/overwhelmingness (yes, I know, that is also not a real word) of starting a new relationship with someone, or sharing something really special with another person--and no, I am not referring to sex ;).

Enjoy this beautiful song . . .and if you want to download it from iTunes, just remember not to settle for anything less than the Nobody Remix. Ben Gibbard may be a genius, but Nobody took that genius and like multiplied it by ten.

Be Still My Heart (Nobody Remix) - The Postal Service

Oh yeah . . .I wish you all a joyful and amazing new year!


Mrs. Organic said...

These are fun posts!

Rachie said...

**sigh** The Kooks! Words cannot express how much I love them. "Ooh la, she was such a good girl to me, and ooh la, the world just chewed her up and spat her out." I heard that...

Your boys singing the Ooh las reminds me of my nieces. When they were about 8 they would sing along to a French song I had where the chorus was just la la las--they loved it. :) (I didn't tell them it was a really jaded song about the guy being dumped and all the mean stuff the girl said to him. Why ruin it?)

brickhouse79 said...

Agreed. The Kooks quickly rose to my top 5 shortly after listening to their first album... and there they remain and likely will remain for a very very long time.