Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Dark Divine soundtrack: song #10

Today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS. It all started when I was awakened 1.5 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off by both of my children screaming. I stumbled out of my room and discovered that KidZ had puked in his bed, and his following screams had freaked the heck out of KidA. I made a new bed for KidZ on the couch, cleaned up the puke, and since both of the kids were sick, I decided to let them have a movie-day while I got some work done. In the meantime, KidA discovered the wonder of the microwave . . .which I didn't realize until poor nauseous KidZ started freaking out about a stinky smell in the kitchen, and I discovered KidA standing (gleefully) in front of the buzzing microwave. I flung open the door and found two, shriveled, blackened, vaguely pterodactyl-shaped chicken nuggets and a partially melted IKEA plate. After I threw the plate outside and opened all the windows to air out the toxic pterodactyl+plastic fumes, I returned to work in the next room. . .only to be beckoned a few minutes later by a crashing noise from the family room. Apparently, the kids "resting on the couch" had digressed into a Power-Ranger's-style-death-match that resulted in the demise of my favorite lamp.

And that was only what all happened before lunchtime. . .

So anyway, I've decided that I need to focus on a few of the good things about today:

1. I got to read the first draft of Emily Wing Smith's new novel. And by the way, you MUST MUST MUST go check out her new book trailer for The Way He Lived. I helped make it! (Well, if you call picking out pictures of cute guys with no shirts on "helping." Although, I noticed that Em didn't actually use any of those . . .but she did use a couple of the other pics I chose.)

2. I got a really good email update from Ted

3. I remembered that I Tivo-ed the new Bachelor season premier

4. Today's song for The Dark Divine Play-list/Soundtrack only happens to be my current most favorite song: The Postal Service's cover of Against All Odds

Not only is this another one of those completely and totally perfect-for-the-moment songs for the soundtrack, it is also a freaking awesome song. Yeah, I know, I always say that each song is awesome--but hey, they wouldn't be in the soundtrack if they weren't--and this time, you don't just have take my word for it. The New York Post named it as one of The Top 100 Best Cover Songs of All Time! How's that for a ringing endorsement? And, of course, you all get to check it out here for yourselves.

And I really wish I could tell you why this song is so perfect for the soundtrack, but once again, all I can say is: You'll have to read the book. So for now, just sit back and picture me madly working on revisions while you listen to this song. (And make sure you listen to the whole thing so you can get the full effect of the song.) I'm off to go force hubby to watch The Bachelor with me. . .

Against All Odds - The Postal Service


Mrs. O said...

I hate days like that - although they are much more exciting than the regular kind. Are they more inspirational?

brickhouse79 said...

Oi. The Bachelor. How are you still on television!!! I'll tell you how- because it ensnares you with its evil ways. You sit down to watch it bitterly as an obligation to your spouse and before you knew it, you're yelling at the TV "I can't believe she just said that!"

But I digress. The song is great and just reconfirms that the Postal Service needs to get another album out!

Rachie said...

I'm seriously mourning your lamp. If I had kids I would be sure to yell, "I can't have any nice things with you kids around!" at least once a week. Just because it's funny.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Ah, poor Lampy, may he rest in peace.