Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dark Divine soundtrack: song #11

So today's song is Where I Fall by The Reindeer Section. Which happens to be a very sad love song even though today is not a sad day. (We're 100% puke free! Yay!) Though being a mom stuck inside the house with two crazed little boys who weren't well enough to play with friends for the last 3 days--I can REALLY identify with the lines:

"I just want peace
I just want peace
I just want peace and quiet in my head"

This may be a sad song, but it also very beautiful. Plus, it is from an album titled, "Son of Evil Reindeer" so how can it not be good?

The boys are finally in bed so I'm going to pretend I can't hear them still playing transformers at full volume (in separate bedrooms) and go snuggle up in bed and seek some peace and quiet. Happy listening to this sad but lovely song . . .

Where I Fall - The Reindeer Section


Anonymous said...

This song kinda breaks my heart a little. Is that the same guy from Snow Patrol?

brickhouse79 said...

Yup. Check out this link:

You know-- because everything you read on Wikipedia is true. . . well, actually in this case, this article is true :P. Hope they do release another album. I love their sound.