Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Dark Divine soundtrack: song #13 and #14


Since we had a minor interruption in our regular programming yesterday (and what an interruption it was!), I'll be presenting two songs (as promised) from the play-list this evening. I'll talk about each song and then post the player for them at the bottom so the text doesn't go all wonky again.

Our first song is another by Spoon. Stay Don't Go is another one of those perfect songs to listen to while running on the elliptical. Which means it is also one of the songs I listen to while plotting in my head (for action in my novel, not for diabolical schemes--I save those for the shower). I love this song, and it is absolutely perfect for the way Grace feels at this point in the novel (you know, the novel that is getting PUBLISHED!).

Side note: This song is actually the reason I titled my blog "Confessions of a Mere Mortal," because I love the line, "Confession is: stay don't go." Originally I wanted to start each of my blog posts with something like "Confession is: [fill in the blank]," but I ultimately decided that it might get a little old after a while. It's a fun idea, so I may still use it from time to time.

The next song on the play-list is I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, and it is one of my ALL-TIME favorites (only to be recently surpassed as current favorite by Postal Service's Against All Odds). To say that I am obsessed with this song would probably qualify as an understatement. In fact, my obsession has gotten so out of hand, I probably shouldn't include this song in the soundtrack for this book, because I have actually started writing another novel based on this song. (That's my Persephone/Orpheus story for anyone who is keeping track.)

To me, this song represents sacrifice. A willingness to follow someone into the dark, or do something unbelievablely difficult for someone else without knowing what the outcome will be for yourself. This song is about the heart of love.

Another side note: Even though this song talks about death, that doesn't necessarily mean that someone in my book dies. (But me giving you this disclaimer, doesn't necessarily mean that someone doesn't die, either. You'll just have to read the book--you know, once it's PUBLISHED!)

Anyway, here are the songs. Enjoy them, because they are a couple of my favorites.


Kim said...

Does "started writing" on your Persephone book mean you're back to working on it, or does it mean what I've read, because I'm still dying to read the rest of it. I really hope when you're done with it you get to keep the coolest prologue ever written. It's my favorite first page of any book anywhere.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Yes, "started writing" refers to the pages you've already read. Whether or not I pick it up soon all depends on what the publisher wants the second book to be. But I am excited by the idea of getting to work on it again. And I really hope I get to keep the prologue too!

Thanks for the compliment :)

jessjordan said...

Death Cab's song is a HUGE inspiration for one of my YA manuscripts I'm working on right now. I see it in my head during the last scene--it is, by far, the most visual part of my story. The scene is in rough outline form right now, but the image gets stronger every time I listen to this song. Great choice :)

p.s. stumbling upon your playlist has not been good for my wallet.