Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dark Divine soundtrack: song #16


Alas, I am capping off the last day of my 20s, and the end of The Dark Divine Play-list/Soundtrack, with the perfectly bittersweet song Love You More by Alexi Murdoch. I didn't realize until I started listening to it while writing this post that this song only has 4 simple lines:

"Love you more than anyone
Love you more than anyone
Love you more in time to come
Love you more"

The line that resonates the most with me at this moment is: "Love you more in time to come." For me, this song symbolizes the sadness that comes with the end of something that is practically a part of who you are--but also the sweetness that comes with the beginning of something completely new. This is the way my characters feel at the end of the book--and hopefully how the reader will feel also. I know it's the way I felt when I finished writing it.

And it's definitely how I feel looking toward tomorrow. It's the end of a wonderful decade--but the beginning of a new one. And who can complain too much about turning the big 3-0 when kicking off the year with a two-book deal in her pocket?

Here's to a whole new year, a whole new decade, and a whole new adventure . . .

Love You More - Alexi Murdoch

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