Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Complete Dark Divine Playlist/Soundtrack . . .and an awesome birthday

As promised, I've embedded the complete soundtrack as a permanent fixture on the blog. It's right over there to the left, down a little . . .see it? Okay, push play to make sure it works. You can even change what song you want to listen to. Neat, eh?

I hope you all enjoyed the music. And I really hope it made you want to read the book :). Perhaps I'll re-post all of the entries just before the book is released.

On another note: I just have to say that I have the best husband in the world! Sorry, ladies, but best man is already taken. He pulled off an awesome surprise party for me--complete with an egg/dairy/wheat free cake that he baked himself (and it tasted pretty darn good!) Thank you to everyone who turned out for the party!! I'm happy to know that I have so many friends who would come all the way out here to the boonies for me. And thanks for all the great gifts! The awesome party, and all the great loot, made turning 30 totally worth it.

Emily, the Royal Secret will especially be cherished!

Since the party was a total surprise, I didn't have my camera. So if any of you took pictures, will you please email them to me? I'll post some pics as soon as I have them.

Have fun listening to the play-list! I'm off to finish celebrating the last minutes of my b-day.


brickhouse79 said...

I'm glad you had so much fun! It was a pain to pull off, but totally worth it to see your reaction :P and remind you that you've got plenty to be proud of at 30.

And of course - the soundtrack is great. Well done.

Rachie said...

Your party was a blast! I had so much fun talking to people. And I was psyched because I live out in the boonies too, and usually I'm the one having to drive for miles on end to get in on the action. It only took me about ten minutes to get home last night. AWESOME.