Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Dark Divine soundtrack: song #12

Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing another Kooks song with you all. I Want You is the kind of song that makes me forget that as a mother of two children, I should be all dignified and mature and whatever, and I just start singing/shouting along with the lyrics and even throw in a mild amount of head-banging. Yeah, I know . . .I'm a dork. I fear the day my kids figure this out, and start being embarrassed by me. For now, I will enjoy the dance parties and the fact that when we drive in the car, they only rarely complain when I play a song (including this one) for the the third time in a row.

Not only does this song perfectly fit the mood of this part of the book, it is also the song that MUST play in the background during this scene if my book is ever made into a movie. I can picture the whole thing in my head right now--it's really quite good. Wish you all could see it.

Anyway, without any further ado, I give you I Want You by The Kooks. And tell me if you don't just love that dirty British accent.

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Carry J. said...

These guys are just plain awesome.