Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Dark Divine soundtrack: song #3

Today's song is brought to you by the band Spoon. I love Spoon--especially when I'm running on the elliptical or exercising on my recumbent bike. There's nothing like a good Spoon song to get my heart-rate up. And since I do some of my best plotting while working out, it was only inevitable that a couple of Spoon songs would make it into my play-list.

(Side note: you know how at the end of a yoga class, you're supposed to just lay there on your mat and empty your mind of all thought? Yeah, that SO doesn't work for me. This is usually when I end up writing dialogue for romantic scenes in my head. Yes, I know, I'm weird.)

Anyway, the song for today is Spoon's The Way We Get By. Probably not everyone is going to love this song as much as I do, but I really feel like it reflects Daniel's life--or at least how Grace thinks Daniel feels about his life (at first). Kind of a flippant, "Yeah, my life is messed up. But this is how I get by."

Enjoy (or not) and try running on the elliptical to it

Note: Inserting the music player has been doing funky things with my text (single spacing or that giant quotation mark in yesterday's post) so from now on I'll put the song after its description.


Kelly said...

I love me a good Spoon-ing.

Mrs. Organic said...

You are updating my music for me. I like this one.

Brodi Ashton said...

Loving your selections. Someday I will try to be like you and post my own playlist.

It's funny, there are also two Notwist songs and one Spoon song on my playlist. Weird, huh?

Can't wait for tomorrow's selection, so I know what else will make my playlist...

I joke. But you do have very good taste in music! keep 'em coming!