Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winners and TSG Launch Party Recap

First item of business: The winner of my Dark Divine prize pack in the YA Scavenger Hunt give-away is: Crystal A.!

Email me at readbreecontests(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize. You have 30 days to claim your prize or it becomes forfeit and I give it to somebody else.

Right, so now on to THE SAVAGE GRACE launch party recap. I've been meaning to do a post about the launch party for almost two weeks now, but that's just how crazy it has been lately. I was nervous going in because I honestly just didn't know if anyone was going to show up.

Why, you ask? Well let me tell you.

1.) By a rather unfortunate turn of events, TSG's launch was scheduled for the same night as another local author's launch party. But not just any other local author. Brandon Mull was launching his second book in the BEYONDERS series. And if you've ever been to, or heard about one of his launch parties, you know they are nothing short of epic.

2.) This was book 3. My boys are perfect barometers of the attitude I feared. At my first launch party they were climbing all over me because they were so excited and happy for me. Now when I tell them I have another book signing I get "Do we HAVE to go?" Of course, my neuroses was convincing me that everyone else in Salt Lake was feeling the same way.

3.) Did I mention that Brandon Mull was launching his book the same night, just 20 minutes away?

So, yeah. I was a little nervous the party was going to consist of me giving a presentation to just my hubby and my slightly put out kids. However, luckily and gratefully, people actually came and fun was had by all! (at least I hope it was fun... I had fun... you guys had fun, right?) So, you wanna see some pictures?

(Look! People actually showed up! Family, Friends, and Fans. The three best F words.)

(All the lovely people who waited in line)

(Of all the times to be allergic to gluten :( Raspberry Chocolate TSG Cake! Huge thanks to The King's English for providing the treats.)

(The Six showing their love and support in coral pink.)

(Signing books for some new blogger friends at TKE. Have I mentioned how cool of a book store The King's English is?)

(Hubby, Kid Z and Kid A)

(My best friend, and the talented photographer for the event, Michelle. Love you babe, and thank you for all the wonderful photos. I wish I could have shared them all. You guys should check out her work here: MichelleSallayPhotography.com)

Oh, and I almost forgot. We had a special celebrity guest appearance that evening by the one and only Brent Sallay - the inspiration for Brent the Werewolf.

(Brent showing his sarcastic scary powers)

Huge thanks you's go out to everyone who came, The Kings English (obviously), Michelle for the pictures, Brick for procuring a slide projector and screen at the last minute for me as well as being my roadie, and of course to all my family and friends.

Now that the fun has been had, it's time to get back to business. I've got a manuscript due soon and I gotta get my butt in gear. If only I could remember how to write a book...


D said...

Come to ABQ! You need to meet my kid A! :)

Unknown said...

I saw that your party was the same night as Brandon's and for the first time was sort of relieved not to live in Utah. How could I possibly have chosen between the two?

Of course, this way, I missed both. Which is doubly sad. :(

Also, no one ever comes to my city. *pouts*

So glad you had fun! What are you writing next??

Michelle said...

Well you are welcome for the pics. They look good here on your blog! B&N pics soon, Love ya!

Michelle said...

Oh and try not to gauge excitement by your kids. You can't be cool to them you are their mom. Plus who cares about Brandon Mull if Bree Despain is doing something cool? I know I don't :).

Riv Re said...

I'm going to move to Utah just for your bookstore. TKE is SO PRETTY LOOKING! (Sorry for the caps, I can't help myself.)

Jenni Elyse said...

The launch party was a lot of fun. I enjoyed your presentation and PowerPoint. And, I'm glad you had pretty good turnout with competing with Brandon Mull. You know who loves you most! :)