Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lots of stuff happening & how you can read chapter two of THE LOST SAINT

One week from TLS launch day and there's a ton of stuff happening in the next few weeks, so I thought I'd give you a quick rundown. Hopefully, you'll be able to participate in some of the fun.

1. THE LOST SAINT may come out in a week from today, but a preview of the prologue, chapter one, and now chapter two are up on RT Book Reviews' blog. If you comment on the RT post about chapter two, and then come tell me about it here on my blog, you'll get an extra entry in the countdown contest. Go HERE to read chapter two and find links to the other chapters.

2. The Countdown to THE LOST SAINT Contest continues until midnight on December 26th. For rules and details, see THIS post. Winners will be announced in the morning on December 28th.

3. Mundie Moms will be hosting a pre-launch chat party on December 27th at 9pm EST. Everyone is invited to join us to chat about TDD and TLS. For details, click HERE.

4. THE LOST SAINT hits shelves on December 28th. Join us that night at 7pm at King's English Bookshop for a launch party. I'll be speaking, reading, and signing books. (Note: The book talk will be held in the 15th Street Gallery next-door to the bookstore, so there will be plenty of room for everyone.) Click HERE for more details on the event. Would love to see you there!

5. On January 8th at 2pm I'll be speaking and signing at the Jordan Landing Barnes & Noble in West Jordan. If you can't make it to the launch party, then this is another great opportunity to get a signed copy of TLS.

6. On January 13th (my birthday!) I'll be speaking and signing at Kepler's Books in Menlo Park, CA. Come party with me on my b-day, and get signed copies of TDD and TLS while you're at it. For info on this event, click HERE.

7. On January 20th at 9pm EST Page Turner's Blog will be hosting a TLS spoiler chat. That gives everyone 3 weeks to read TLS and then join us to ask me all your spoiler-filled questions. I'll post more details about how you can join the chat as we get closer to the event.

8. On January 29th I'll be participating in an Authorpalooza at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona. There will be games and lots of authors signing books.

9. Remember that secret project I've been hinting about for the last few weeks?--Well, the date that I get to reveal it has been bumped a bit...but it is still coming soon. I think fans of TDD and TLS will enjoy it.

10. A lot more events and such are in works. I promise to keep you posted as I get more information. In the meantime, be sure to come back on the 28th to help celebrate the release of TLS.


Nicole said...

Oooo first to comment... I am so excited for you Bree. We should be in town for the holidays so Shane and I are going to be at the launch. I'm excited to see you and read the next installment. It sounds like you have a lot going on. Hang in there...you are doing great!

Lauren M said...

Thanks for all the updates! Looks like you're going to be busy!

+1 I commented on chapter 2 at RT!

Vivien said...

Fabulous! Thanks.

+1 commented on chap 2

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Minas said...

I can't wait for Dec. 28th!

+1 for commenting on the RT post


Rudi May Hart said...

I was just wondering if you knew when the book will be out in the uk.

Bwyatt said...

Ahhh! I need TLS NOW! I cannot wait for next week! (sigh) Can we hit the fast forward button?
+1 commented on RT post 9under Britney W)

Valynne said...

Good news: Finally found my SIX shirt!! It will need to be washed, but I will be wearing it with bells on my toes (aka blue nail polish) at your signing. Love ya, and can't wait for the 28th!

Aliah E. said...


ylime1981 said...

I want to read the rest now!!! That chapter was seriously awesome! :) I left you a comment over there.

Emily ebdye1(at)gmail(dot)com

Unknown said...

Soo excited!! You coming to the nearabouts of Chicago any time soon?

+1 Commented on Chapter 2


AliceCullen said...

You're coming to Arizona?! Yay! That's where I live! Tempe is a little ways away, but hopefully I'll still be able to make it!!

amberargyle said...

Awww, you're still not coming to Logan. What gives????