Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Countdown to TLS Contest winners

Hey all-

I'm packing and trying to get ready for my trip to L.A. for the SCBWI Summer Conference this weekend, but today is the 28th so that means I need to post the winners for the Countdown to THE LOST SAINT Contest:

1st place (winner of 3 books)- WulfLuva

2nd place (winner of 2 books)- Erika from Moonlight Book Reviews

3rd place (winner of 1 book)- Haunted Wonderland

Winners, please check out this list of books and email me at readbree(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me your top 3 book choices. 1st place winner gets 1st preference, then 2nd, then 3rd, if there's an overlap in your book selections.

Everyone else, be sure to come back here on the 28th of each month for a new contest leading up to the release of THE LOST SAINT on December 28th, 2010.


1. I will be attending the SCBWI Summer Conference this weekend. If you're going to be there, be sure to say hello if you see me.

2. I will be participating in the 3rd annual Writing for Charity event in Sandy, Utah on August 21st. (Last year it was held in Ogden.) This is a great opportunity to meet many authors and get your 1st page critiqued by a published author. There will even be an evening event with food and entertainment and a smaller panel of authors including me, James Dashner, Brandon Mull, Jessica Day George, and Ally Condie. For more info, CLICK HERE.

3. On August 10th, 11th, and 13th, I will be participating in a series of online chats hosted by the ladies at Eve's Fan Garden called A Midsummer's Night Chat. Several authors will be participating, and everyone is welcome to come chat and ask questions. For more info about the event and the discussion topics, CLICK HERE.

4. On October 9th, I will be speaking a panel at the Utah chapter of RWA's Heart of the West Conference. This looks like a conference that is a rollicking good time. For more info, see HERE.

5. On October 15th, I will be speaking at the Salt Lake City public library. More info coming soon.

6. On October 23rd, I will be speaking at the Saint George Book Festival. More info coming soon.

7. On October 30th, I will be a featured author at the Provo Teen Book Festival along with SCOTT WESTERFELD!!! More info coming soon.

Wow, October is looking busy . . . but also like a lot of fun!


Suey said...

What is the Provo Teen Book Festival? Can normal "old" non-author/writer, but book blogger types go?

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

AWESOME!!! I am sooo excited to meet Scott! I'm hoping my boss will let me have it off. I can't wait to see the final line up for that!

Suey - You should go to it too! I don't care if I'm not a teen anymore.

Unknown said...

i can't believe I won!! thanks!!

Shell said...

Thanks for the contest! I want to read The Lost Saint so badly that I'm rereading The Dark Divine. Is that sad?

Anonymous said...

I voted Bree. Excited about The Lost Saint. Anything we can do to help promote your book is what we want to do at RAW INK Online! Go, Daniel!

Paul W. Hankins

Anna said...

Hi! I loved your short story. You did the signature Jace snark well even though he wasn't your character. I voted! I would love to read The Lost Saint.

shauntel said...
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