Monday, March 15, 2010

Going on a BLOG TOUR!

So, good news, THE LOST SAINT is coming together and we're working hard to get it ready for galleys (hopefully by late May--holy cow that thought makes me want to puke) but in the meantime, I'm going on a BLOG TOUR!!

I'm going to be visiting blogging friends (new and old) for the next 3 weeks, and answering their questions for you all to read.

Whoa, that's 20 interviews! Which means lots of soul searching for me, and lots of opportunities for y'all to find out embarrassing/quirky/hopefully insightful things about me and THE DARK DIVINE.

The tour starts tomorrow (March 16th) and I've been told that there will be many opportunities for readers to win bottles of the fabulous custom TDD nail polish along the way. I really hope you decided to follow along. (It'll be like were caravaning up the coast together in RVs--ooh, or dune buggies!)

Here's the schedule:
  1. March 16 – Cleverly Inked,
  2. March 17 – The Bookologist,
  3. March 18 – In Bed With Books,
  4. March 19 – Parajunkee,
  5. March 20 – Booking Through 365,
  6. March 21 – Chica Reader,
  7. March 22 – The Story Siren,
  8. March 23 – Mundie Moms,
  9. March 24 – Tales of Whimsy,
  10. March 25 – So Many Books, So Little Time,
  11. March 26 – The Book Scout,
  12. March 27 – YA Book Queen,
  13. March 28 – The Sweet Bookshelf,
  14. March 29 – Teens Read and Write,
  15. March 30 – A Good Addiction,
  16. March 31 – The Neverending Bookshelf,
  17. April 1 – Reading Rocks,
  18. April 2 – The Book Vixen,
  19. April 3 – Hooked on YA Books,
  20. April 5 – The Book Shopaholic,
P.S. THE DARK DIVINE is available in most bookstores in the US and Canada, but if you aren't able to find it in your local store, you can always order it online from places like Indiebound, B&, Books-A-Million, Borders, and Amazon.

P.P.S. TDD will soon (like within the next 5 to 18 months) be available in at least a dozen additional countries! (And more foreign rights announcements forthcoming.)

So what are you planning on doing for the next 3 weeks? Any big plans?


Sherry said...

Following your blog tour of course! ;)

Shannon Messenger said...

Yay--I can't wait. Will DEFINITELY be following the blog tour! Thanks for the list. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm from Spain! I wanted to know if your book The Dark Divine will be publish in my country

Sorry for my english :)

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Sherry and Shannon- Can't wait to see you on the tour!

Arancha- Yes! The Dark Divine will be published in Spain. I don't know when yet, but it will probably come out some time in the next 18 months.
And, your English is wonderful.

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Do you even have to ask? :o) I have pasted this list to my calendar... yay!

KA said...

Congrats on both opportunities. You are a blogging goddess.

D said...


Dwayne said...

AWESOME! Looking forward to your interviews then :)

Liviania said...

I'm excited that you're coming to my blog! I'm still trying to decide how to determine who gets the nailpolish.

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

I'm headed to the Bologna Book Fair.
Lots of fun. :)


Alyssa Kirk said...

So excited that you're coming to our blog! Can't wait to have you and also check out everyone else's blog on the tour.

Hope you have fun!

Kim said...

You are rockin it Bree!