Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Final Countdown to THE DARK DIVINE (a.k.a. A huge frakking giveaway)

So business first:

1. Don't forget about The Romantic Times' serialization of THE DARK DIVINE. They are posting a new chapter a week of TDD up until the debut on December 22nd. (That's SIX chapters total!!) Plus they are giving away signed hard-copies of the book + TDD nail polish. They will be posting chapter 2 sometime on Monday the Nov 23rd. Go here to check it out.

2. I'm giving away random prizes from my random prize grab-bag for people who read the chapters and then leave a comment on the RT blog. Be sure to come back here and let me know that you commented so you can be entered in the weekly drawing. And you get extra points for tweeting or blogging about it. The random prize grab-bag includes autographed books, TDD Nail Polish, gift cards, and more!)

3. This week's random winner is: Bunny B
Email me at readbree(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you a list of prizes to choose from.

Okay, on with the actual post:

So this is it! There is officially only one month left until the debut of THE DARK DIVINE!!! Holy crap, can you believe it? I know, I know...I can't either. No matter how many times I pinch myself, I still can't believe this isn't all some crazy tripped out dream and I'm going to wake up and realize that I've been lying in a hospital bed for the last seven years since that terrible car accident.

But just in case this isn't a wacky comma induced fantasy, we need some big time Countdown to THE DARK DIVINE Contest craziness going on. I'm thinking it should be our biggest giveaway yet!

Sound like a good plan?

Yeah, I thought you'd agree.

Okay then, let's get down to business.

Grand Prize:

An autographed hardcover copy of THE DARK DIVINE (The final cover is so fantastically beautiful in person I about died when I held the proof in my hands. Even better than the ARC.)

A bottle of TDD nail polish

A TDD custom T-shirt (Designs soon to be unveiled on the blog. I'm very excited!)

And A purple 8GB iPod Nano engraved with a personal message + the TDD soundtrack

(Apparently, the Beautiful Creatures ladies are giving away a similar package, but this is something I've been planning for a while, so it's honestly just a coincidence. You should go enter their contest, too.)

Prize #2

Egmont Prize-pack including:

Hardcover copy of CALLIE'S RULES by Naomi Zucker

Hardcover copy of VIOLET WINGS by Victoria Hanley

Hardcover copy of LITTLE BLACK LIES by Tish Cohen

And an ARC of BRIGHTLY WOVEN by Alexandra Bracken

Prize #3

Utah Author Prize-pack including:

Signed copy of THE RING by Bobbie Pyron

Signed Copy of THE HOURGLASS DOOR Lisa Mangum

Signed Copy of THE WAY HE LIVED by Emily Wing Smith

Here's how to enter:

(Update: these are the clarified rules and are different from what was originally posted. Please read them over again. You will find that entering is much easier now.)

1. Be a follower of the blog. (So if you're not a follower, start following :D)

2. To get 1 entry in the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment here saying that you'd like to entered. Easy peasy, right?

For bonus entries you can do the following:

1. Get 2 extra entries for Tweeting/Facebooking/blogging about the Countdown contest

2. Get 2 extra entries for Tweeting/Facebooking/blogging about the Romantic Times preview (Plus you will get entered into the weekly random prize giveaway if you tweet about the preview, and leave a comment on the RT blog)

3. Get at least 5-10 BONUS entries (as determined by me or hubby based on what you do) for doing something to show your excitement for THE DARK DIVINE. I'm assuming since you are reading this blog and entering this contest, you are at least somewhat excited about TDD. So all I'm asking you to do is to share that excitement with the people around you. (Creativity will get you closer to the 10 entries)

You can vlog, make a music video, make a youtube commercial for the book, get all your friends to wear all purple and black to school one day, start a campaign to get TDD to be a trending topic on twitter, wear a Team Daniel t-shirt to New Moon, go door to door at your dorm and tell people how excited you are about the book release, call your local bookstores and ask them to carry the book or have me come do a signing, 0r get your entire English class to read the first six chapters of TDD on the RT blog . . .

Okay, you get the point, right? Do something creative to show your excitement for TDD and then come back here and tell me about it. Physical evidence is also requested (not required) such as posting a picture or video on your blog/myspace/facebook/twitter/youtube. Or you can email it to me at readbree(at)gmail(dot)com. (Please nothing obscene or illegal!!)

Remember, this is just for BONUS POINTS, don't let the creativity thing scare you off from entering the contest in the first place.

UPDATE, originally I was going to to end the contest and announce the winners on December 22nd, but I have decided to end the contest on December 14th and announce winners December 15th instead. That way if you want to give away any of the books you win as Christmas presents, you will get them in time for the holiday. 1. This contest is only open to followers of the blog. So if you're not a follower . . . well . . . hint, hint.

*Sorry, for legal/customs reasons, this contest is only open to U.S. residents.

And don't forget to pop over to the Romantic Times blog to see if the next chapter of TDD is up. UPDATE: Chapter 2 can be found by clicking HERE.


Bunny B said...

Wheee!!! I won! Thank you so much, Bree! I popped over to RT, but your next chapter's not up yet. Will check back! :)

Nicole said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for you.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say congratulations to the winners and thank you for the huge frakkin' giveaway Bree. I am SO looking forward to The Dark Divine.
I posted about your giveaway on my blog too.
I hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving.
All the best,

Kiirsi said...

I left a comment on the RT website and used the new-fangled "retweet" button to tweet about the contest. But, unfortunately...I can't think of anything creative to do, so I don't know if this counts as a contest entry or not. :)

Aimee Bartis said...

Just found you and read Chapters 1 and 2 on the RT blog (and commented). Really love it and can't wait to get the entire book!

D said...

commented at RT
Facebooked about RT
will facebook about giveaway here

Need to come up with something creative still. I did tell all of my Young Women about your book on Friday at a sleepover. :) And I plan on making it a book club selection for my online book club. :)

Cranberryfries said...

This really is a huge contest. How exciting. Tick tock! It's almost here. I'm working on a review post right now on my blog that should be up later tonight. Your book frakkin rocks my socks Bree.

Olivia Carter said...

I was just composing a little blog post about reading The dark Divine when I stopped by your blog to see this FABULOUS giveaway! (I noted it on my blog too, cause it's just too much fun!)

I just read an ARC & I'm telling everyone I know about how much I loved it! And I can't wait to until you do some signings so I can met you in person. I have enjoyed following your blog & reading all about your writing success!

Good luck with the release- It's almost here!

Llehn said...

Oooo ... one more month! How exciting!

I'm a follower.


L8BloomerOnline said...

Let's see...

I'm a follower...
I borrowed the ARC of The Dark Devine from my friend Aprilynne Pike and set up an author chat with you on the l8bloomer blog for January... does that count as 5 points for showing my excitement?! Cuz I am definitely excited! LOL!

I blogged about the giveaway on our l8bloomer site at

and I twitterd about the give away post

Hooray! So excited!


Jessy said...

Please enter me! I'm itching to get this book

I'm a follower


+2-Tweeted about RT chapters:

left comment on RT

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

Amy said...

I am a new follower to your blog. I honestly just saw this Tweet and was intrigued to come and check it out! I love "meeting" new authors through their books and characters, and am seriously looking forward to meeting you, Bree.

Posted on the following:

I live in Canada, so I guess I don't count, but I thought I'd help spread the word.

Amy S.

Mundie Moms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mundie Moms said...

I love this Bree!!! I'm not entering, since we're part of the street team, but we're definitely spreading the word, and posted about the contest, tweeted this and we're definitely ramping up for our give aways on Mundie Moms. This is so exciting!! 28 more days!!
We can't wait for our Mundie Moms Chat with you on the 21st!!


Anonymous said...

I'm now a follower =] Debbie of Cranberry Fries sent me your way although I've known about you forever. I'm dying to get my hands on TDD and think your cover is one of my all time favs. (Another is Hush Hush.)
Just facebooked it. =]
Okay, I just read the first two chapter of TDD on the RT blog and that's just not fair. Seriously. I mean, the book doesn't come out for what, 31 days?! Rude.
On a good note, I LOVE it. I'm dying to know more about it. I'm beyond curious and half tempted to mug people I know that have ARC's just to finish it.

Sara said...

Wow, that's a great giveaway!

I've read the first chapters over at romatic times (and left comments there), and I have to say that I love the Dark Divine so far!! I can't wait to read the next chapters (and the whole book)!


Valynne said...

So I mentioned the contest and RT preview on FB, and I'll put in my next blog post. But I'm having a hard time with the picture/video and your request that they not be obscene or illegal. My mind is drawing a blank, but if I can think of something that fits your requirements, I will post it.

Kim Woodruff said...

You don't have to enter me since I'm on the street time, but I did post the contest and RT preview on FB.

Ellz said...

I left another comment in the RT post (ch 2).

I posted this in my blog newz


I am going to do something really creative (as soon as it stops raining)

Elie (Ellz Readz)

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Oh, I have the wants! I was hoping an ARC of TDD would make it to my mailbox, but so far, no luck! Maybe I will win.

I tweetified:

sullivan, m, kristen said...

I tweeted about this awesome contest:

I hope i win! Soo excited for The Dark Divine.

Kristen said...

Hi Bree!

I'm a follower. What an awesome frakkin' contest! :)

Tweeted about contest:

Tweeted about Romantic Times sneak peaks!:

*crosses fingers* big winner, big winner!

dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

AnAddictedBookReader said...

Amazing contest, thanks so much! I would die for the purple nano and of course your book : D I'm already following you!
adrienne2093 at comcast dot net

D said...

I posted about your book on my online book club-

That gets me some extra points right?

Wendy said...

Oh, wow a month! That's so exciting!! I can't wait to read TDD. :)

Wendy said...

And yup, I'm a follower! :)

Cami said...

Enter me now! :)

Bianca said...

I'm a follower!!

+1 Please enter me!!! I would love the chance to win some of the prizes!

+2 Tweeted @bianca1946

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

Erica said...

I would love to be entered! I'm a follower!

+2 tweeted about the RT preview!

:) Erica

Katie said...

Amazing contest! Enter me, please! :)

I'm a follower.
And all of my bonus entries are kind of rolled into one. I hope that's okay.
I blogged about the contest & The Romantic Time's Preview.
And I made a mock movie poster on The Dark Divine to show my excitement!
All found here-


Katie said...

Enter me! I'm a follower.

Unknown said...

i love the chapters that you have let us read i cant wait for the book please enter me in the contest

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Katiedoll- I loved your fan art movie poster! It is awesome.

Unknown said...

I would LOVE to enter and I’m already a follower.


BookMac said...

yay contest!

I am a follower

+2 blog post

Ashley said...

Ooh great contest! Please enter me, thanks. :)

I'm an old follower, and I put this on my sidebar at

Ashley said...


+ I also posted a widget on my sidebar for The Dark Divine countdown. (

Lindsay said...

Please enter me in the contest.
I`m a follower and I commented on the RT blog and on facebook.

brizmus said...

Enter me in your awesome contest!
I tweeted it here:

I would do more but my creative energies are totally worn out from NaNoWriMo. :-(

Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! I can't wait to read the Dark Divine!

Dani. said...

Shweet! I would love to be entered:)

I'm a Follower :]

+2: Tweet-

+2: Tweet about RT sneak peak-


TerriDess said...

Im a follower now (finally learned I have to click a button to actually Follow :)
Enter me please!!
posted on:
Tweeted about TDD (my FIRST tweet!) and Preview on RT:
and commented on RT blog.

Sooooo excited abt TDD! Would also love to get my hands on Brightly Woven! Congrats and thanks!


Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I'd love to enter!

Bonus entries:

+2 Tweeted about the contest
+2 I Tweeted each chapter available on the RT blog and I commented on each post so far (Chapter 3)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Hugs! :)

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

DOH! I'm a follower as well.

Megan said...

This contest is so cool.


I am a follower already (if that counts for anything.


Leslie said...

!!! enter me please : )
Looks really cool, very excited

di said...

I'd love to be entered, and I follow.

~bella aire~


Jessica said...

I'm so excited for Dec 22!!

+1 - I'm a follower

+2 - Blogged about RT chapters

+2 - Blogged about Contest


Sylvia said...

WOW! This is one AMAZING contest, and I can't wait to read The Dark Divine!:) Thanks for this contest and congratulations on your release!

Travis said...

I'm following!
I can't wait for TDD!!!

Chloe said...

I'd love to win! Can't wait to read TDD!!


Taylor P. said...

+1 I'm a follower and I'd like to enter the contest. =)

+2 Tweeted:

Stephanie said...

Oh, what an amazing contest!
Enter me please! I am a follower.

J. Lee said...

Can't wait to read it

Taylor P. said...

Wow! Really great contest, this is very generous of you. =)

I would like to enter! And...

+2 for tweeting:

Thank you!
Taylor P.

Sherry said...

I am super psyched for this book! Please enter me in the contest!

I'm a follower!

Sherry S.

Chick Lit Teens said...

Enter me please (I'm a follower)!

Congratulations Bree on your almost-release!

+1 I tweeted


Unknown said...

i cant wait for tdd i know its gonna be awesome im a follower i have facebooked about and twittered so please enter me =)

Robyn said...

Oh I cannot wait for this book.
I'm a follower, and tweeted about it here: I also commented at Romantic Times!


opalbaker said...

I would love the chance to win some of the prizes,will you please enter me?I follow and am tweeting.
opalbaker at yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be entered. I became a follower.

+2 retweeted


Anonymous said...

Please enter me!

RTed twitter.

Travis said...

For some reason, my comment didn't show up earlier...

So here it is!


Unknown said...

I'm a follower of your blog

I've tweeted/facebooked the contest (

I've tweeted/facebooked the RT previews (love that 'facebooked' is now a verb...)

As the creative entry, I've helped film a live action trailer for the book. I'm working on editing it now and will post it asap, but it will be awesometastic.

Amy said...

YAY! It is open to Canada! Glad I helped to spread the word earlier!


Catie S (Book Bound) said...

Awesome contest with great prizes in every pack!!!

I can't wait for TKE Event!!!

+1 RTed on twitter (@meow_mix85)

Crazy for words said...

I'm a follower. :)
I tweeted about both the contest and the RT blog over here:

Just wanted to let you know, I've been eagerly awaiting The Dark Divine. :)


Yamile said...

I'm a follower and twitted about it. I can't wait to read your book!

Name: Aine said...

Is excited for this book. It comes out just in time for my birthday (12/23) Please enter me. I'm a follower (1). Also tweeted about this contest (2) and RT preview (2).

Unknown said...

Breeeeee!!! Pick meeeeeeee!!!!

Hahaha Okay so I'm commenting here, I retweeted the contest a minute ago (GrahamChops), and I changed my FB picture to THIS:

Whilst also telling all my friends to buy your book when it comes out!!!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

How in the world did I miss this amazzzzing giveaway?!? *slaps self on forehead*

I'm now a follower :)


Julie said...

I'm aching to get this book too! So many good books lately. But you made this post ON MY BIRTHDAY. Surely that's a sign that I'll, you know, actually win something for once. Or so the delusional part of me says.

+1 Tweeted

Lily Meade said...

I'm a follower, and I re-tweeted your contest reminder. (@LilyMeade)

You have a really good soundtrack. Nice tunes.

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I'm a follower...please enter me!

I also tweeted about the countdown last night (+2)

And posted a blog about TDD and the giveaway (+2)

My friends and I also put fliers on all the cars at our level of the Gateway :) (pictures are to follow!)

Susan said...

I'd love to be entered!

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

I don't even know you but I'm so excited for you. Congrats on getting your book out there it sounds wonderful. Good luck with the debeut, and hope your sales are tremendous!
I'd love to win something but I am coming in a little late here. :)

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

No entry is too late until after midnight tonight. Keep, em' coming!

The Book Jackal said...

I am so in!!! Please please enter me! (I almost missed the deadline. phew.)

So this is my comment to enter and I'm making a trailer. I've also been talking about this book to a lot of my friends at school, and I even tried to get my English teacher to have you come visit (all she said was "we'll see" so I guess "we'll see")

I'm hoping to get something else really cool done too. I'm so freaking excited for your book!!! Woohoo!


The Book Jackal said...

AAAAAckk! My comment didn't post! Or did it? Either way, please please enter me!!!

I am so excited for your book, I might be going a little crazy (hehe). So, I'm working on a trailer, I've talked about the book with my friends at school, and I'm trying to get my English teacher to have you come do a school visit. I'm still working on another idea but not sure if I'll be able to pull it off before midnight tonight.



A.J. said...

Hello! :D
I would like to enter. I'm already following your blog.

I did some bonus stuff....


**Another bonus entry:
Other than painting my toe nails purple, I decided to do something that I've always wanted to do.
^Printed out 2 copies. It has the summary, release date, and a link to your site! Wish I had color ink. I actually had to redo it on smaller paper because it was too heavy for...

...the balloons! XD Sadly couldn't find purple balloons. :(
^I put each copy into a sandwich bag because it's been rainy over here & then I attached it to the balloons.

And then with the help of my sister....

...we let them go. :3

Okay, I know. The odds of someone actually finding those balloons is slim, but it was fun & you never know what will happen. ;D

Thanks for the contest!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Giveaway! Count me in!

I'm a follower.
Tweeted about Contest:
Tweeted about RT:

Alysa Stewart said...

Hey, go ahead and enter me in this here contest.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

A.J.- I love the balloon idea. Very cute.

Katie said...

OMG this is so awesome. I would love to be entered. I am already a follower.

+1 comment
+2 contest link in my sidebar

leonore said...

Hi Bree!! I'm a follower, and I tweeted about the contest!

kmblacker said...

Nothing like waiting till the last minute to enter a great contest! I found your blog from a link on Brodi Ashton's blog. I'm now a follower on your blog and on twitter. Congratultions on your book! I look forward to reading the whole thing.

Mariah said...

I would love to win!!!! I tweeted, facebooked, and put the link on my blog.


Unknown said...

So I already have +5 (follower/comment, tweet/fb contest, tweet/fb RT preview) and here is the link to the trailer that The Literati girls and I filmed for you as our creative entry. :) Just in time.

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower of the blog. Please enter me in the contest. :) I also helped contribute to the Literati book trailer as the creative entry.

Bella@BeguileThySorrow said...

did I make it?
Hope so!
I love to be entered into the contest:)
The book,nail polish& purple TDD ipod all look beautiful!


I'm a follower& tweeted!

ParaJunkee said...

I can't believe I'm just entering this! I'm an old follower.


parajunkee at gmail dot com

XO - Parajunkee