Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A chance to win an ARC, a chance to help kids, and favorites from SCBWI L.A. Part 2

So let's put business first.

My blogger friend Taschima is having a mega-palooza on her blog and is giving away a ton of cool books--including a signed ARC of THE DARK DIVINE. So if you want a chance to win the book, head over there (after you read this post, of course) and check it out. She's also giving away an ARC of my Tenners pal Becca Fitzpatrick's HUSH HUSH. Which I would pretty much give my left arm for. (Anyone out there with an ARC of HUSH HUSH who's in need of an extra left arm?)

Secondly, if you're in Utah, you should definitely come to the 2nd Annual Writing for Charity event on August 29th. Spend a full day learning more about the craft of writing, how to get published, and even get the first page (the most important page) of your manuscript critiqued by a published author. The cost is only $45 if you preregister ($50 at the door), and all the proceeds go to helping low income kids. Over 20 authors are donating their time to the event, including Shannon Hale, Sara Zarr, Brandon Mull, and James Dashner. (And me--but those other authors are cooler.) Click here to check it out.

Okay, on to the fun stuff. More SCBWI L.A. favorite moments:

4. Getting to meet my publisher, Elizabeth Law . . . who mistook me for a 12 year old. Nice, huh? But I guess it's better to be mistaken for being almost 2 decades younger than 2 decades older. Elizabeth also gave my book a couple of big shout outs during both her keynote address and one of her breakout sessions. It was interesting to hear that she was dead-set against acquiring my book (without having read it) because she didn't want any paranormal romance on her list--that is until Greg and Regina MADE her agree to read the first 50 pages over a weekend. When she came into work the next Monday, the first thing she said was, "Daniel is SO hot! We have to buy this book." That made me smile for like an hour straight.

5. The Belly Boobs incident. Really, Brodi tells this story better than I ever could . . . so I'm totally copying and pasting the following from her blog (Hope you don't mind Bro, but um, you DID eat all my brownies.) :

Saturday night of the conference was the Blue Moon Ball in the courtyard of the hotel.
There was a shortage of elevators in the hotel, and so the wait to get one was always long, and once it arrived, it may or may not be too full.

Brodi and Bree were waiting for an elevator to take us down to the Ball, and Brodi was explaining to Bree why she couldn't possibly get away with not wearing a bra.

Below is the recap, in extra slow motion so you can benefit from the timing of it all.

*Brodi and Bree, waiting to see which of the four elevators will ding*

Brodi: "I really can't go anywhere without a bra."

Bree: "Why not?"
*Elevator Dings*

Brodi: "Because I end up looking like Kathy Lee Gifford."
*Arrow Lights Up*
*It happens to be the elevator in front of Brodi, and toward which she is now facing, two feet away*

Bree: "What's wrong with looking like Kathy Lee Gifford?"

me: "Seriously? I have two words for you." *Doors Open to a packed elevator car, all of whom are staring at Brodi, who is also staring back*

me: "Belly Boobs!"

Awkward silence as we all just stand there, looking at each other. Bree and Brodi can't fit on, and Bree's across the room anyway, so it's just Brodi still staring. Doors close.

Bree starts laughing hysterically.

Brodi (turning reluctantly to Bree): "Did I really just shout 'belly boobs' to an elevator full of people?"

Bree: nods, still laughing.

So, their doors opened, and there was this girl, just waiting to say 'belly boobs'. Almost like it was some sort of password to get on the elevator or something.

And why is it that people in an elevator have absolutely no sense of humor? The inside of a packed elevator is more somber than a freakin' funeral home. Nobody even cracked a smile. It was like I had said 'belly boobs' and everyone inside the car was thinking, ah, belly boobs. Yes. Interesting point.

And yes, this is pretty much exactly what happened. Except that there was a HUGE dog in the elevator too--which just made the whole incident even more surreal. For more of Brodi's hilarious stories, be sure to check out her blog here.

Okay, this post is getting really long . . . and I have at least 2 or 3 more favorite moments to share, so we'll have to adjourn until a "Part 3" post. Be sure to comment so you'll be entered into my drawing for books I picked up at the conference. (Including an autographed copy of ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART TIME INDIAN!!!) And even if you commented on the last post, you can get a second entry into the drawing by commenting again.

And to make Brodi feel better, you can always share an embarrassing moment of your own with the group :)


Anonymous said...

Lol that elevator story is hilarious. And I'm envious that you got to meet Sherman Alexie! :)


Michelle said...

I love hearing stories about how your book came about to be purchased. What an awesome ego boost for you. Totally deserved as well.


hahaha love it. I wasn't in that elevator, or I would've laughed. Maybe they were all too shocked ... or maybe Brodi really did just get the password wrong ... :)

californiameaghan said...

i'm embarrassed myself so many times in the elevator of my residence hall in college i dont even know if i could come up with one specific example. it is usually a similar situation - i have a big mouth. :D

Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thanks for sharing,
I enjoy your blog posts.
I like to say "Hi" in the elevator. It's 50/50 whether they will look shocked and ignore me or say "hi" back.
All the best,
twitter: @RKCharron

Valynne said...

Um, how did I not know that you were one of the authors at the Writing for Charity event? I mean, obviously I was going to go anyway, but how did I not know this? You're a rockstar! And just as cool, if not cooler, than those other authors mentioned, especially James. (I only said that because I know he reads your blog. Ooohh, but maybe he'll read it, and he won't lend me an ARC of Scorch Trials. Okay, just kidding James.)

Windy said...

Hilarious story!

And I'll be signing up for the Write for Charity event! Super excited for it!

a flight of minds said...

Apparently, when I was a toddler, I was mistaken for a DOLL because I was so small. This poor old lady almost had a heart attack when I actually moved on my chair.

That elevator story is hilarious!

- Alex

Kiirsi said...


Very cool about how your book got picked up!!

Natascha De Marco said...

I have an embarrassing moment in mind, but I couldn't possibly tell it here lol

Thanks for the shout out Bree!!

(300 followers, OMG)


sarathered said...

Yeah, I didn't know you were doing the Charity event either. Starting to think you're keeping a lot of secrets, you belly boober! You too, Bro. :) (Because one belly boober wouldn't be a complete set without the other.)

KR said...

I did the toliet tissue in my pants just last week at a teacher inservice..didn't know til I was leaving...hours after my bathroom trip!!

I have Hush Hush riding around in my car..I loved it!!


Olivia Carter said...

I read the belly-boobs story on Brodi's blog and re-reading it made me laugh even harder.

Embarrassing moment?

Well, once when I was in college (at BYU) I was carrying a huge plate of cookies to a class and tripped walking up a set of stairs. I didn't want to drop the cookies so I kept a hold of the plate and belly flopped. The skirt I was wearing flew up. And there I was spreadeagled on the steps, my panties exposed to the world. BUT I didn't drop any cookies- my only comfort.

Brodi Ashton said...

thanks, Olivia, for sharing an embarrassing story. Between the cookies, and your dignity, I'd choose the cookies every time.

Bree, you are welcome to share the story anytime. Besides, at least on your blog people will read it!

p.s. The brownies were delicious.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Olivia- It's always better to save your cookies than your dignity.

Brodi- I think I'm just going to copy and paste your blog onto mine from now on. Makes it a whole lot easier . . . and funnier. Besides, you owe me. That was one huge box o' brownies.

Valynne and Sara- We don't talk enough these days. Yes, I'll be one of the "authors" at the writing for charity event. In fact it my first ever "author event." But they totally left my name off the list. I got all freaked out and thought maybe they didn't need me anymore, but I talked to the organizer yesterday and she said it was just an oversight. Phew. I'm such a neurotic writer.

Pam said...

Packed elevators aren't known for their humour - you're right about that! Belly boobs would've made diet Coke come out my nose though if you'd yelled it at me while I was drinking. That's hilarious.

melacan at hotmial dot com

Anonymous said...

Very funny!
I enjoyed reading this.
Please enter me in your draw.
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

Erica said...

Ha, I love the elevator story

throuthehaze said...

The elevator story is hilarious!
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Bianca said...

*chuckle* loved the elevator story!

Kim Woodruff said...

That's such a cool story about your publisher. It must have been awesome to meet her. Lucky for her she gave you a chance!