Sunday, July 5, 2009

Because I'm Cranky as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks and I Don't Have Any Chocolate

So somewhere in the holiday hubbub of fireworks, BBQs, mosquito bites, and watching kids get freaked out by clowns, I forgot to go grocery shopping for Sunday dinner. A fact that didn't fully dawn on me until about 5:45 p.m. when the kids started whining about being hungry and I realized that there was just about absolutely nothing in my kitchen. Which means that for dinner I had 2 thin slices of Deli Select ham, a handful of freezer burned french fries we found while spelunking in the back of the freezer, and some sort of hash Hubby made out of 8-month-old Sunshine Veggie Burger patties that we found behind the fries. Needless to say, I am still hungry. And when I get hungry, I get cranky (I blame the hypoglycemia . . .but any who . . ), and when I get cranky I NEED chocolate . . .but since I don't have any chocolate on my bare cupboard shelves, I've decided to dedicate today's blog to things that make me smile, so that I can cheer myself up before I just stand up in my chair and start screaming like this kid:

Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel at the moment. Did I mention that hunger makes me a bit woozy?

Anyway, here are the top ten things that made me happy this week:

10. That video from above. If you didn't watch it, go back and check it out.

9. My Sister-Author, Brodi Ashton. If you're not following her blog . . .do it now! (No wait, finish reading this post and then go check out her blog.) Brodi just makes me laugh so hard, plus she's like 7% crazier than I am, so I always find that a bit reassuring.

8. Writing on Wednesdays. I've started meeting a small group of author/writer friends at the library each Wednesday for a marathon writing session, and then we go out to lunch to reward ourselves for working hard. There's nothing like hanging out with other writers on a weekly basis to make you feel almost sane.

7. Amazing YA author and BFF, Emily Wing Smith, is thinking about moving to somewhere near my neighborhood. The idea is that she'll live close to me so I can drive her around to places like the grocery store (she has major parking issues), and she'll babysit my kids when I go on tour for THE DARK DIVINE. (Or maybe I made that last part up and she has no idea that living in my neighborhood means I'll be hitting her up for free babysitting. Shhhh . . .don't tell.)

6. This week I got both an iPhone (used) and a Netbook (not used) and I'm totally in love with both gadgets. Especially the iPhone. I finally get why people like to text each other. It's really fun. . .and so is the Twitter from your phone feature. Hubby says I'm becoming a twitter addict, but I'm not. I mean, I can totally quit at any time. Really, I can. Wait, 6 new tweets! I'll be right back . . . .

5. Author buddy, James Dashner, lent me one of his ARCs of THE MAZE RUNNER. Distopian futuristic YA meets LOST . . .yeah, that makes me happy.

4. This little incident with KidA: I was lounging on the bed this afternoon reading MAZE RUNNER when KidZ came busting into my room saying, "Mom, KidA is pouring water on his carpet!" I went to investigate and found that KidA had spent the last few minutes filling up a plastic cup in the bathroom sink and then dumping the water on everything in his room (carpet, blankets, his pillow).

Me: "KidA, what are you doing?"

KidA: "Pouring water on my room."

Me: "Why would you do that?"

KidA: "So the mosquitoes won't get my Jesus book."

Okay, so as I spent the next 30 minutes soaking up all the water out of the carpet, I failed to see the humor in this, but now that KidA is safely tucked away in his bed, I have to admit that looking back on this makes me chuckle.

3. THE GUILD. So somehow I was talked/forced into being the new assistant cub scout leader for my church (don't ask) and after sitting through my very first pack meeting for over an hour on Monday, I came home to Hubby's latest Internet discovery called THE GUILD. It's a web-series about a group of online gaming addicts struggling to deal with real life issues. It makes me laugh so hard, I just have to share it with you.

2. Hubby just magically produced an entire box of Dove Dark Chocolate!!!

1. Forget #1, I've got chocolate!!! All is right in the world again. I'm off to watch THE GUILD, or read some more MAZE RUNNER, and make a second dinner out of dark chocolate deliciousness. My doctor would be so thrilled . . .

Anyway, what made you happy this week?


James Dashner said...

Wow, I'm honored I made the list. Though slightly offended at my ranking.

Thanks, Bree! Hope you keep liking it....

Nicole said...

"What's happening to me?... is this going to be forever?" I totally feel that way all the time. This post made me laugh and bonus points to your hubby for finding the chocolate.

Sarah Steele said...

I GOT A SIGNED ARC IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Brodi Ashton said...

7% crazier? I find it difficult to believe such a scientific conclusion is even possible on a non-quantifiable thing like craziness.

Crap, did I just bump it up to 8?

Thanks for the shout-out.

"So the skeetoes don't get my Jesus book..." LOL!

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

James- Sorry, Bro. The list really is in random order, though. (Other than the chocolate!) Just be glad you rank somewhere closely behind a tv show and dark chocolate. That's quite flattering.

Nicole- I love the "is this real life?" part along with "is this going to be forever?" Some days it really feels that way, doesn't it?

Sarah- Woo Hoo! Have fun reading.

Brodi- I think you just bumped it up to 9%. And all I have to say about KidA is: #1 what mosquitoes? #2 What Jesus book? and #3 how is pouring water on your carpet going to keep mosquitoes away from said Jesus book? That kid cracks me up.

Kim Reid said...

Hmmm, what made me happy this week? NOT skipping writing on Wednesday, that is for sure. In fact, I think skipping Wednesday made every other day so bleak I can't remember anything good at all.

JK, I had fun riding Wicked at Lagoon on Friday for the first time!

And I was glad for once it was fast Sunday because I also forgot to go grocery shopping, and that meant eating freezer burned tortillas with cheese tasted more heavenly than if I hadn't been fasting.

You should find out if Brick has a secret chocolate stash. Maybe he gave you some of his.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Kim- You were dearly, dearly missed on Wednesday. You will be there this week, right? But WICKED is totally cool though.

Cranberryfries said...

Oh my gosh that video is stinkin hilarious.

What a great idea to gather once a week. I love that idea!

Steph Su said...

David After Dentist! I watched it with my counseling class last semester. Not sure it was the most appropriate audience for the video, considering the number of budding therapists in the room and all... but!

And oh my god! Magically produced chocolate! 'Tis the best, I bet.

Hmm, what made me happy this week? Finding this post of yours, I think. I love countdown top-ten lists. :)