Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guest Post: Life of an Author's Husband - or - Who in the what now?

Hello fellow readers of Bree. Many know me as "hubby" while others may know me by different names. Considering the point of this post however, I think "hubby" will do. After all, someday I hope to define myself simply as Bree's husband. I even already have a t-shirt that claims the designation of TROPHY HUSBAND (though I may need a few more goes on the treadmill before I can fully claim that awesome title).

So, I wanted to share with you a bit of what its like being the hot guy in the background, playing the dutiful role of supportive spouse. Bree may claim to be somewhat neurotic and even a little crazy when faced with deadlines and potential rejection, but I don't know if that is how I would describe it. Its more like this: Have you ever had a friend that is awesome at pretty much anything they try (well, except for maybe singing-- sorry hun, its really your only flaw), but they just don't believe they are? Yeah, that's what its like. Perfectly annoying, jealous making, yet endearing.

I'll give you a for instance. The night before she was supposed to get "the" call from her now fabulous agent Ted, she was doing what we would call "freaking out."

Bree: What if he's calling to tell me he doesn't like it and is passing on it?!

Hubby: Why on Earth would he CALL you on a SATURDAY to tell you he was passing on it? I'm telling you, he's calling to woo you into being his client.

Bree: But what if all the others at the agency hated it? What if they all think Ted's crazy for wanting to take me on and they fired him and now he's calling me to sarcastically thank me for causing him to lose his job? What if--?

Hubby: Bree, I'm telling you they love it. They wouldn't call over the weekend if they didn't love it and want to move on it right away.

Sure enough, I was right, Ted sold her on acting as her representation and I got to be all smug about being so awesomely right for a few days. So really, in a way, its kinda rewarding acting as the voice of reason to an Author (even if I am grossly under qualified to be the voice of reason) because I get to walk around saying stuff like "nah nah nah nah nah, I waaas riiight" and blow raspberries like KidA.

So here we are: Bree's awesome, and I'm right, and there's nothing she can say about it.

Thanks for letting me share (not that you really had any say in the matter :P). As a reward, I leave you with a great video that was recently shared with us by a fellow Egmont USA author, Alexandra Bracken. I especially like the fat guy in the leather jacket and the very end. I laughed for a good ten minutes afterward.

Also stay tuned for another upcoming contest in May as well as some good news on the way!

p.s. Thanks for all the compliments (and help with finding the broken links and typos) on the new website for Bree. It was a lot of fun to work on and we worked pretty hard, so I'm glad you all liked it.


Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Thanks, Hubby.

Though I do think you aggrandize me a tad bit (okay, a ton) I do have to admit to being totally awesome at a few things.

Like burping. You know I can best you in a burping contest, anytime, anywhere. Bring it on, baby. Bring. It. On.

brickhouse79 said...

Hey, I did beat you that one time. I will never let you take that away from me. It was a victory hard fought. It may never happen again, but for one shinning moment I was king of burping at our house.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Okay, so you won that one time. ONE TIME in eight years of marriage. Oh, and we became friends in what, 1996? I wouldn't go tooting my horn over that one victory too much if I were you ;-)

Love ya!

The Mom said...

You guys are too funny! And, Brick, that video...HILARIOUS!!!!

Michelle said...

I haven't told Bricky how great the website is yet...Sorry...sick house. Anyway, good job. Not that I expected any less from the talented trophy husband.

Kathy D said...

You guys make a wonderful team.

Elena Jarvis Jube said...

Great job on the website, Bree's Hubby. That video was hilarious. I'm still laughing. And thanks for adding me to your list, Bree:) Now I feel legitimate.

Cranberryfries said...

Fun guest post by the hubs. Love it when they participate.
Way to be awesome Bree (oh and way to be right Brick!).
Okay that last few seconds of the movie...I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Haha.

Brodi Ashton said...

Brick, you and Sam need to get together. You have so much in common! The voices of reason to very neurotic wives. That conversation could have been verbatim from the one Sam and I had the night before Ted's call.

And you're right- Bree is awesome at everything! It's really quite annoying.

Nicole said...

You guys make me laugh. I agree with the previous post, you make a great team.

Mistie said...

Hi guys. For some reason- i couldnt watch the video...i'll keep trying. Sounds though like you are doing great?! I love the new website. Looks awesome... and Bree, you look hot (as usual!). So, it looks like your book is due out next Valentines. I am not a big reader but i think i may have to make an exception to read yours. Can't wait. So impressed and proud of you!!! and when Bree, you said it was 1996 you met Bricky-- that serioulsy is so crazy... SOOO long ago. We really are getting old.
Take care.