Friday, May 7, 2010

Want to be one of the first to read THE LOST SAINT?

Hey all,

Just a quick note to tell you about a wonderful auction my fellow Egmont author Myra McEntire is hosting called DO THE WRITE THING FOR NASHVILLE to raise money for victims of the Nashville flood.

There are so many awesome book-related prizes up for grabs: Signed books, manuscript critiques, t-shirts, swag, getting a character named after you in a book, agent/editor consultations, book trailers...The list goes on and on.

Well, since my twitter friends Myra McEntire and C.J. Redwine are some pretty cool Nashvillians, and hubby's little brother (who is actually his BIG brother--he's a rugby player***) also lives in Nashville--I decided to contribute a TDD prize pack for the auction.

Here's what you can win:
Signed copy of TDD, TDD T-shirt, TDD nail polish, and one of the very first ARCs of THE LOST SAINT.

(Note: The ARCs are not available yet, but the first one I get will go to the auction winner.)

A limited number of ARCs will probably be available in June (ish) but since TLS doesn't release to the public until the end of December, that means the winner will get to read the book a whole 6 months before almost everybody else.

So if you're dying for more Grace and Daniel, or just really interested in helping out flood victims CLICK HERE. (I'm item #15. You may have to scroll to find it.) There are so many awesome prizes, I'm sure there's something there for anyone who's interested in contributing.

***(Side note: Has everyone here seen the awesome movie that is FOREVER STRONG? Hot guys? Rugby? What's not to love? Anyway, one of the reasons I love that movie so much is because it's based on my bro-in-law's high school rugby team. Many of the characters are a conglomeration of the players from the real team--including hubby's brother. Be sure to check it out if you haven't seen it--after you visit the auction, that is.)

P.S. I'll be signing books at The Purple Cow bookstore in Tooele, Utah on Saturday at 2:00 pm. If you're in the area, stop by to say hello.

P.S.S. I just discovered a Goodreads quiz for TDD. I took the test and only got 8/10 correct?! Oh boy, that's when you know you've been revising for too long. Did I mention I had a 17.5 hour writing spree from 11am Thursday to 4:30am Friday. So tired. Must sleep.

Here, see if you can do better than me:

P.P. S. S. (?!) Hubby just called to say that he got 9/10 correct on the quiz. *bangs head on desk.* I'm going back to bed now.


brickhouse79 said...

As an update: My little brother USED to live in Nashville. Moved to Boston before the flood... but still has plenty of friends who live there and we still feel a connection to our Nashvillian friends.

Don't blame Bree for the mind slip. She's was working on about 3 hours sleep when she wrote this. :D

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Wait when did Braden move to Nashville? I just thought he was *thinking* about moving to Boston?

You never tell me anything! Or I could actually be asleep while typing this. What day is it?

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...


It's great that you're participating in this. I live in Nashville, but luckily my family was spared any problems or damage. However, my husband's Aunt lost her house and their cars. This is very bad for Nashville. The personal tragedies are heartbreaking, not to mention that we will suffer economically as well.

On another note, I wanted to let you know that I read TDD recently and absolutely loved it! I haven't reviewed it on my blog yet due to some illness and personal issues, but I will be very soon. Thanks for writing such an awesome book!


Janet Johnson said...

Too funny about the quiz. After my family read my ms, they too kept correcting me on details. Doh! Dang revisions.

Kate said...

Wow.. so glad to hear that you are participating in this. I live about 30 min from Nashville and our neighborhood was hit pretty hard. While family and I were lucky, I know a lot of people who were not so fortunate. I will be spreading the word about this!

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Michelle and Kate-

So happy to hear that your families were spared any severe damage--but my heart goes out to your neighbors and relatives. The auction is already pulling in awesome donations. hopefully, we can help make a difference!

Michelle- Glad you enjoyed TDD. i hope you get feeling better!

Janet- i still contest that I was right and the maker of the quiz is the one who is mistaken. But then again, I am seriously sleep deprived.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Brick- Crap I really am brain fried. i meant to write "when did Braden move FROM Nashville?"

I think you need to bring me some chocolate, STAT!

Jackson Porter said...

Hey Bree, how's life been going for you.

You're 17.5 hour writing spree, that would be fun, but not with revising. Revising sucks!!! Really you authors out there, it is the worst part of writing a book.

Anyway, that's really good of you with the Nashville thing.

Yeah, I just took TDD test, got 9/10 on it, which is pretty good considering I won it in March.