Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day and Street Team Winners

May 9th, 2010

Guest Post by ReadBree Admin (aka-Hubby-aka-Brick)

As a Mother's Day reprieve, and because Bree is madly working on final edits before her deadline tomorrow, I have graciously offered to guest blog for her this evening. Yes, I really am that sweet and awesome and cool. (Sorry ladies but obviously I'm already taken). But believe it or not, I'm the one who lucked out. In fact, if you do not know how awesomer Bree is, then you must be new to this blog. Its infectious and, frankly, impossible to miss if you've ever had any interaction with her.

But enough with the gushing. On to the supreme coolness that is her offspring.

At school, Kid A was given a worksheet that had several fill-in-the-blank options to describe his mother and how well he knows her, so he could give it to his mom as a mother's day present. Well, being Kid A (and 4 years old) he decided not to take this assignment at face value. Rather, he decided a mad-lib/roasting version would be much better appreciated and received than anything sweet or gushy. Which I should add, only shows that he really does know his mother quite well. So without further ado, I give you Kid A's version of "I Know My Mother Well":

In case you can't read it, I've copied the answers below with my commentary--

1.) My mom looks prettiest when: she gets dressed. (Yes- because this is apparently an occasion at our home.)

2.) My mom's favorite food is: chicken noodle soup. (Um.... did he forget that Bree is allergic to noodles?)

3.) My mom's eyes are: blue. (Actually they are green. But Kid A's eyes are blue. Wait, Bree just leaned over and said her eyes are brown. I knew that.)

4.) My mom likes to: shower. (Again- this is apparently an occasion at our home-- though it is something that needs to be announced repeatedly when it does happen. Sometimes even when she is currently in the shower and telling him "I need my privacy" and that he should go back to watching Dinosaur Train.)

5.) She is happy when: I'm good. (Ok. He nailed that one.)

6.) My mom is ____ years old: 5 (Well, at least that's much better than the kid who said his mom was 6,000 years old.)

7.) If my mom could go anywhere she would go: to a restaurant. (Does this speak to how often we end up eating out or is he trying to tell me something about my cooking?)

8.) Her best friend is: my dad. (Ok. He nailed that one too.)

9.) Her job is: to clean. (Whuck? Who's teaching this kid these things?!)

10.) I love my mom because: she is so pretty! (Well at least he knows how to drop the compliments :D).


Right--now on to the really fun stuff. As many of you know, Bree and I launched a street team effort last year to help promote the release of THE DARK DIVINE. We were more than surprised by how many people expressed interest in participating and helping out. The result was an awesome group of people that did some fun stuff to share the TDD love, like hand out swag, make and share book trailers, and be all around advocates for the book wherever they went.

Well as part of the street team challenges, members were being evaluated for creativity, quality, and quantity of their efforts to help promote the book, because the best street team member would win the grand prize: getting a character named after them in THE LOST SAINT.

Unfortunately... they were all way too awesome and it was really really really hard to pick the winner. So here's what we did...

We decided to give the prize to lots of people! Whoohoo! Here is the list of names to look for in THE LOST SAINT.

Grand Prize Winner who will have a significant supporting character named after her:
Katie Bartow of Mundie Moms (the character will use her maiden name- Katie Summers).

Runners Up who can also find their name in the book:
Angela Leonard
Debbie Lambson
Emily Ellsworth (who earned extra points for bringing a flock of teenage girls to a signing when she was in labor)
Jules Pullman
Kim Woodruff
Rachel Simon (I don't think your last name made it...still a cool character though.)
Stacey Canova

Congratulations to all the winners! We wish we could have put all the street team members in as everyone was great and very supportive, but unfortunately, there just can't be that many characters in the book.

Extra special congrats to Katie and thank you for being such a great advocate, fan, and friend, and for continuing the effort even beyond the official close of the street team activities.



Mundie Moms said...

Thank you SO much Bree and Brick! I am so flattered and honored to be chosen as the grand prize winner. I am still at a loss for words at my excitement. I can't wait to meet my character in The Lost Saint.

Thank you for letting us be apart of such an awesome street team. It was so much fun!

Rachel said...

Congrats, Katie!!!! Thats so awesome!!

I'm intrigued to see how my name is in TLS. And without my last name. *waits patiently for December*

Thank you so much, Bree and Brick. I loved being a part of such a great street team. And good luck with everything that comes your way, including the latest book deal (congratulations on the Dark Divine being a trilogy and the fourth book as well). :)

Rachel Simon

Violet said...

Aww...Kid A's mom report was way too cute! Congratulations to all the street team winners! Looking forward to seeing all of their names in The Lost Saint. :)

Ella Press said...

Loved Kid A's Mom Report! Way too cute and funny!
Congrats Katie!

Pixie said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Yea! for Katie & Stacey, our hard work paid off. :D

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Thats awesome. I love little people answers to questions!
Congrats to Katie! That is awesome. And a big thank you to you to Bree and Brick for letting us all have fun on the street team. It was a pleasure and privilege!

Indigo said...

Loved A's assessment of Bree. I laughed so hard at some of the answers. I think the same can be said for quite a few of those things in my home.

Sounds like the street team did a fabulous job. (Hugs)Indigo

folksinmt said...

This is hilarious. So glad that I'm not the only mom that thinks jammies are for day-wear. I would be proud if my kids said that my job is to clean because then it would mean that I actually spend time cleaning!

Heather Zundel said...

That is so sweet. You can tell they love their mommy.

Jackson Porter said...

Aw, I had to help out with Primary and it was filled out relatively the same. I love little kids' perspective. Congrats to the winners.

Anyway, Brick, that was almost as entertaining as Bree's post. Almost.

Amber Lynae said...

I love Kid A's answers that is just too cute.

I attended Bree's class at Storymakers and absolutely loved it. I just finished reading TDD about 2 weeks ago. I CAN'T wait for The Lost Saint.

If you need any help marketing out east in Virginia let me know. I will do my best spreading the word on TDD to get people ready for TLS release.