Friday, April 10, 2009

Distractions and Discoveries

So for the last week, I've been patiently (ha ha) waiting for word from my editor as to whether I need to do more revisions or if we're ready for copy-editing. And in an effort to keep myself from checking my email every 13.5 seconds, I've taken to perusing the internet and favorite place to waist away time (woo hoo Target). Yes, I could be spending my time working on an outline for The Dark Divine sequel, catching up on laundry, emptying my sink of dirty dishes, or editing the content for my forthcoming website . . .but then I wouldn't have made the following fun discoveries:

1. I'm on Amazon! Between sessions of clicking the refresh button in my gmail account, I got the whimsical idea of heading over to Amazon to see what happens when I enter in my name in the search field. I really didn't expect anything to happen other than getting a list of books about French cheeses--but to utter delight, I actually found my book listed there!! There isn't a picture or a synopsis yet, but it is definitely a listing for MY book.

According to Amazon, the book will be released on December 22, 2009--but it also says that my book is for kids ages 9-12 (which it isn't--try GRADES 9-12) so I'm not trusting Amazon's info at the moment. But still, The Dark Divine is on Amazon!! And it even has a pre-order button. How neat is that? Check it out by clicking here.

2. A Daniel Kalbi action figure, for me?! Well almost. Many of you are already aware of my teensy-tiny obsession with Taylor Kitsch and my desire to freeze him in time until somebody decides to make my book into a movie. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about click here.) Many of you may also be aware of the fact that Taylor is playing Gambit (my favorite mutant) in the upcoming X-MEN ORIGINS movie.


Well on Monday, I went to the wonderful Land O' Target in search of b-day gifts for KidA (my baby just turned 3!) and saw a toy display for X-MEN ORIGINS. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to go over to see if they had a Gambit action figure. Because seeing (okay owning) a Taylor Kitsch action figure would be the same as a Daniel Kalbi action figure, right? And who wouldn't want an action figure of one of their main characters? That's totally normal and in no way creepy, right? RIGHT??

Well, anyway, I was holding my breath in anticipation of seeing my favorite character from my book immortalized in plastic . . .but alas, THIS:

this just doesn't do justice to THIS:

I left the toy on the shelf and went and bought a Dinobot for my son instead. Oh well, it was nice distraction for a few minutes anyway.

3. The Diamonds has hit the shelves! At Target, no less!! On another trip to Target this week (yes, I went to Target more than once this week, and I'll probably go at least once or twice more by the end of Saturday) I was perusing the YA book collection and was pleasantly surprised to find The Diamonds by Ted Micheal on the shelf. First of all, because the book isn't supposed to be released until April 14th, and secondly because getting your book into a retailer like Target is BIG TIME, baby. Hurray for Ted! I snapped the book up and can't wait to read it. I'm even sending a copy to one of the lucky winners of last week's contest. And if you're wondering who this Ted Micheal person is, and why I'd be so stoked about his book--well then, just think about who the other Ted is in my life. I heart Ted. Congrats!

4. Twilight the Musical! Yes, it is true, in my many hours of internet surfing this week, I stumbled across this little gem on Youtube. Hilarious. You must watch. Let the video load for a bit first before you start watching it. And while you're waiting, go check out my Amazon listing. Hee hee :)

(Side note: If you're wondering, I haven't been wasting all of my time this week. I have worked on *some* of the productive things on my list from above. Be sure to watch for my website. It's coming soon!)


Rachie said...

I am SO psyched for X-Men: Origins! When the first one came out I was totally bummed that there was no Gambit (he's one of my favs, right up there with Wolverine), so I was very pleased to see he'll be in the upcoming movie. Yippee!

Elena said...

On your Amazon listing: so cool! Apart from their getting all the facts wrong about release date, age-level, etc. I thought it was fitting, and just a bit funny, given your no-cheese diet, that the add that comes up at the bottom of the Amazon page where Dark Divine is listed is for Brie cheese:) But maybe that's just annoying to be paired with cheese.

Erika Lynn said...

Super congrats on your Amazon listing. I added it to my wishlist too!!

Brodi Ashton said...

Congrats on the amazon listing!

And I love the musical. "It's Bella. It's bella. Just bella. did I mention it's bella?"

Brodi Ashton said...

and I'm thinking the problem with the Gambit action figure is the hot pink pecs. Nobody looks good with hot pink pecs!

Kim Reid said...

Congrats about Amazon! I'm thinking I need to consider writing books where an action figure is at least a small possibility.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Ha ha. Yes, hot pink pecs are not very sexy.

Valynne said...

Congrats on the Amazon listing. B&N needs to get their act together. As for X-Men, I am a huge Wolverine fan. I also love Rogue too, but in a girl crush sort of way of course.

Um, love the Twilight clip. Hilarious!

Brick Despain said...

I too am very excited for the new X-men movie and that Gambit will be appearing. Never has New Orleans French-Creole been so cool.

I have not yet seen the Twilight movie (though I am probably going to end up watching it someday) but I found the musical very amusing. I wish I had time to make musical paradies and put them on Youtube. But alas, I barely have time to watch them....

Travis said...

Major congrats on the Amazon listing and website launch. Can't wait to read the book.