Thursday, March 8, 2012

Final Full Moon Extravaganza: The Savage Grace Soundtrack

It's time! The last full moon before the launch of THE SAVAGE GRACE is upon us, which means... it's time to share the TSG soundtrack!

I love this part. I love music-- A LOT-- and for me it is a huge inspiration for writing. Often I will find three or four songs I will listen to over and over again when I'm in the middle of a draft. But the soundtrack is more than that. It's not just a list of songs I listened to while writing TSG (though that is how a lot of the songs were chosen), it is meant as a companion to the book. A list of songs that follow the mood and scenes as the story flows.

For the next 5 days, leading up until the release of THE SAVAGE GRACE, I will be posting 3 songs a day with explanations of why I chose them. So let's get started shall we?

TSG Soundtrack Song 1: Florence and The Machine - Cosmic Love
Description: As many of you know, THE LOST SAINT ends on a bit of a cliff hanger and things are not as they should be. TSG starts shortly after TLS finishes with the characters trying to deal with their current situation. I really view this song as the theme song for chapter 1 (which you can read now here by the way), and it perfectly captures the yearning and passion and heartache that Grace is going through as TSG begins.

TSG Soundtrack Song 2: Florence and The Machine - Howl
Description: Ok, so basically I listened to this whole album over and over again while writing TSG. I love her voice and her incredible ability to convey such emotion with every single word. Soon after the book begins, we find Grace running through the woods feeling both the pull of the wolf and her love for Daniel... take a listen and this choice will make sense.

TSG Soundtrack Song 3: Wolf Gang - Back to Back
Description: Hopefully not giving too much away, let's just say that Grace misses Daniel and is exhausted... The song itself is has a very ethereal and disconnected sound that goes perfectly with the lyrics, creating a feeling of loss and longing for someone.

Ok. That's it for today. Come back tomorrow for more soundtrack songs. Lots more good stuff to come. But for now, what'dya think? Like the songs so far? Any guesses on what might be coming next? Are you as freaking excited for next Tuesday as I am? Because I'm actually shaking right now. Of course, that could be the nerves. Uh oh. It's the nerves. Oh Crap! Freak out coming on... where'd I put that chocolate?!

P.S. Don't forget that in anticipation of THE SAVAGE GRACE release, the eBooks of THE DARK DIVINE and THE LOST SAINT are on sale wherever eBooks are sold for only $1.99. Some places are selling them for as little as only $1.31! That's freaking insane!

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Lisa Jordan said...

I think I am definitely as freaking excited as you are for next Tuesday, Bree!!! I know it's going to be so great and I can't wait!! :)

In the meantime, thanks for posting these songs for us to enjoy. I really love that you do these book soundtracks!