Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Street Team and Updates (plus more videos!)

So here's what going on over here in ReadBree land:

1. Want to read more than the first chapter of THE DARK DIVINE? Already read TDD but you'd like a few behind the scenes tidbits about the writing of the book? Then get ready, because starting on November 16th until December 21st, the Romantic Times will be serializing the first 6 chapters of TDD on their blog, plus they'll be posting exclusive descriptions by me about the writing of each chapter. They will also be running a contest for 6 chances to win a signed copy the book and a bottle of TDD nail polish. I'll be sure to link to it here and on twitter when it starts.

2. The Romantic Times reviewed THE DARK DIVINE and gave it 4 stars!!! That's pretty awesome considering the highest ranking they'll give a book is 4.5 stars. They also ran an awesome feature on the book called "Saving Grace" that had an interview with me and a lot of background info about the inspiration for the story. I wish I could post it here, but you can buy the mag or look up the article in the December issue at Barnes & Noble. (Available now!) Just ask for the The Romantic Times Book Reviews.

3. This weekend I will be speaking on a panel at the SCBWI Conference in Salt Lake City. If you are a kidlit or YA writer in Utah or Idaho, you really should be going to this conference. In fact, going to this conference in the past was a huge step for me in my path to publication, and this is where I met the amazing Brodi Ashton who has become one of my bffs and my loyal writing buddy. For more information, CLICK HERE. You can even register at the door on Saturday if you want.

4. Team GI vs. Team Tamale update: Team GI scored a goal by turning in 45 pages of TDD2. Now Team Tamale is up to bat and Brodi MUST finish her entire first draft of her current novel by 11:59 Wednesday night. Do you think she can make it? After that, I am required to finish 50,000 words of TDD2 by November 30th. (And yes I know that I just mixed my sports metaphors--but at least I know what a bat and a goal are. Sort of.)

3. The Street Team is up and running. I am so grateful to this wonderful group of book lovers. So far they've been blogging, tweeting, reviewing, posting interviews, and generally book lusting after TDD. They even created a facebook fan page for the book. There's a spot over in the side bar where you can join and become a fan of TDD. Go do it. Now. Thanks. Okay, now come back over here.

4. Lots of reviews of TDD, interviews with me, and give-aways for ARCs and swag are popping up around the blogosphere.

For reviews CLICK HERE. Look under "announcements" and you will find links to all of the reviews out there of TDD. (Or at least all the ones that I know of.)

For recent interviews CLICK HERE and HERE.

And for current TDD contests where you can win an ARC CLICK HERE and HERE.

5. And last, but certainly not least, I wanted to feature a couple of more videos from the street team members. They're a lot of fun, so be sure to watch and enjoy.

The first is from Sarah. She was actually the very first person to win an ARC of THE DARK DIVINE when I did my very first giveaway. She liked the book so much she decided to join the street team--and take on all of BYU campus in the process.

The second is a by a teen member of the Street Team named Alex who did a few crazy stunts--like dancing in a men's bathroom--to prove her desire for THE DARK DIVINE.


Kate at Read This Book! said...

I loved the first video. It's awesome. Congrats on the review! =D

RKCharron said...

Hi Bree :)
Thank you very much for sharing.
I love the videos your fans sent you.
Thank you for the links too.
Love & Best Wishes,
PS - Do you know if Dark Divine nail polish will be available in stores?

Jessica Kennedy said...

The second video is "private" and can't be seen.... :(

I saw the RT article. :) Very cool.

Una said...

Very cool and exciting news, Bree!

Under camouflage and extreme discretion, I'm here to inform you that Team Tamale has achieved the goal! In fact, Brodi posted an excerpt from her first chapter.

So now, the googly eyes are on you... *music plays* we are watching... shall we poke you with our cattle prod (I think it's on low voltage now), will it help you with your typing? Maybe if we send Smokey over to keep an eye on you, that might help!

Keep up the good work, we have faith you can conquer the Nano Nano challenge!

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Oh, shoot. I didn't realize the second video is private. Well, it's amusing too, take my word for it.

Rob- as far as I know the nail polish is not going to be available in stores, but I am looking into selling through my website along with other TDD goodies.

Brodi Ashton said...

Yay! I turned in my entire book to you at precisely 11:59 last night.

So, get writing Team Gluten-Intolerant.

The clock is ticking... (Actually, I already know you've been writing a ton because we've been together for three days in a row.)

Love the Street Team stuff. You have a good team assembled there, especially my peep Debbie.

btw- on page like 200 of Broken, I found a line this morning that says "THEY LOOK FOR STUFF, BUT THEN THEY REALIZE TIME IS RUNNING OUT".

Ha ha. I smell a National Book Award.

Diva Donna said...

At dinner I said that you are my hero and now that I have read TDD you're my favorite SUPERhero! Totally loved it. Dinner was great thanks for the fantastic advice and the fun distraction from everything in my life while I devoured your story. Soo good and now I have sooo many more questions about things that you said that would have been spoilers but now are just really cool insights into your writing process. Can't wait to get a chance to chat about it. BTW the new Indie bookstore in town ordered TDD on Thursday because I told them it was the next big hit and they would be insane not to have it in stock and have you come for a signing so be ready to visit Dragons & Fairytale Books in January. Unofficial Street Teamers RULE!!

Kaylie said...

Thanks for the nail polish. It was great to meet you! I'm excited to read your book.