Tuesday, January 14, 2014

THE SHADOW PRINCE Teaser Tuesday #5

Greetings, friends!

Yesterday was my birthday and Hubs took me on a dessert tour of Salt Lake City--and now I am stuck in bed with a sugar+gluten hangover. (But man was it worth it!) My hands are so swollen with inflammation that I can barely type, so I am going to keep today's Teaser Tuesday short and super duper upbeat!

Today I am giving you a sneak peek at the inspiration for one of my antagonists: Simon Fitzgerald.

Simon is tasked with the job of overseeing Haden while he is on his quest to the mortal world, and the inspiration for his character was born out of this question that would pop into my mind while watching one of my favorite sitcoms:

What if Chris Traeger from PARKS AND RECREATION were evil?

Yep, those are the kind of weird questions that pop into my head on a regular basis. I think that's why I'm a writer. (Or possibly just crazy?) But answering that question in THE SHADOW PRINCE led to a character that was *quite literally* the funnest antagonist to write.

No giveaway this week, but I leave you with the gift of THIS VIDEO compilation of some of *the best* Chris Traeger-isms from the show. Just watch and think: What if this guy were evil? 
(Sorry embedding the video here was blocked, so you'll have to click on the embedded link.)

Winners from last week's Teaser Tuesday giveaway are:
 Jessica@a GREAT read
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 Rebecca Hipworth

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Everyone, be sure to come back for next week's Teaser Tuesday! (Hint: I'm giving away a signed book from one of my most favorite authors.)

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