Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE LOST SAINT launch party recap...and Top Secret Project revealed!


UPDATE: Lost Letters Schedule can be found here

Hey all,

I FINALLY have permission to share the details about my Top Secret TLS-related project...but first I wanted to share a few thoughts and pictures from my TLS launch party.

I seriously can't believe THE LOST SAINT has been out on bookshelves for more than a week. That's just plain crazy. The launch party was loads of fun and the turn-out was awesome. Not gonna lie, I felt like was going to puke when I walked into the 15th Street Gallery and I saw all those people waiting to listen to me speak. But I managed to hold it together.

After I did a little book-talk and read a selection from TLS, we headed over to The King's English Bookshop for blue-frosted cookies and I signed books until my special blue pen ran out of ink--which luckily didn't happen until after the last person made it through the line.

One of my BFFs, Michelle Sallay (of Michelle Sallay Photography) brought her trusty camera along and snapped a bunch of awesome pictures. They were all so great that it was hard I couldn't choose just a few, so I wanted to make a slideshow of all of them--but apparently that is far too great a task for someone as technically deficient as I am. Since hubs isn't around to help, I'll have to be content with posting a few of my favorite pics to help you get a feel for the event .

Many thanks to Michelle for the awesome pictures, and many thanks to everyone who came out for the event. If you weren't able to attend and you're in Utah, you can still catch me at the West Jordan B&N (in Jordan Landing) at 2pm on January 8th. For details on other events and happenings, check out THIS post.

Okay, now on to the TOP SECRET project...

If you've been following the blog for the last couple of months, you've probably (or hopefully) have been wondering about this secret writing project that I've been hinting about for like ever (or at least that;s how it felt to me). I finally have the go-ahead to share.


As many of you know by now, Gabriel (Daniel's mentor and an ancient Urbat) plays a rather important role in THE LOST SAINT. We were first introduced to Gabriel in THE DARK DIVINE when Grace is given a book full of old letters that Gabriel (a young monk a the time) wrote to his sister during the crusades, detailing his search to know more about the Urbat. The book of letters ends just before Gabriel falls to the Urbat curse.

Well the exciting news is that a few letters not originally included in that ancient book have been "discovered"-- five of them in fact. These letters detail Gabriel's fall to the curse and then his quest to seek revenge on the man he feels is responsible for his demise.

I am really excited about these "lost letters" because they give a lot of depth to Gabriel's character, and also the mythology of the Dark Divine trilogy. The letters are the perfect lead in before reading THE LOST SAINT (i.e. no TLS spoilers and will hopefully get you excited to start TLS) and are also still a good read for those of you who have already read TLS.

The lost letters of Brother Gabriel will be released one at a time over the next 5 weeks, starting TOMORROW (1/6/2011) on different blogs across the blogosphere.

Which means you need to come back here tomorrow for a detailed schedule and links to where to find the letters. And as a bonus, each blog hosting a letter will be giving away a signed first edition of THE LOST SAINT and a bottle of TLS nail polish. You'll get a entry for each letter you read and comment on.


Jenni Elyse said...

Unfortunately, there's NO way I'm going to wait to read these letters before I read The Lost Saint. But, I'm excited to read them, anyway, especially just having finished my reread of The Dark Divine! I'm excited to know that Gabriel plays a huge part in The Lost Saint because I really want to get to know him more.

Robin Weeks said...

I've already read TLS (awesome ending!), but the letters sound cool. Very fun project.

Mundie Moms said...

I heard the launch was absolutely amazing! I wish we could have made it. I can't wait to read The Lost Letters! That is so exciting.

Lena said...

OH SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I will definitely come back and check out where these "lost letters" are going to be. Thank you so much, Bree!

Michelle said...

You are so welcome for all the pictures. My mom just finished TLS last night and she LOVED it! See you on Saturday, I will be there with my camera. Love you!

Brent Sallay said...

I'm not sure how I feel now about your books given that you have revealed that you did not actually write them, but instead "discovered" them, presumably while on some exotic archaeological dig. Though I suppose it is fairly impressive that those ancient peoples knew so much about Lady Gaga.

Kimberly said...

You look so great reading that book of yours.

rian said...

Sorry I couldn't be there for your launch party as a good cousin should, but I love seeing the pictures and we are all so proud of you. BTW revealing the lost letters on different blogs is genius.

brickhouse79 said...

Tsk tsk Brent. It wasn't the books that were discovered. It was the letters. Presumably by an archeologist within the Dark Divine universe. Keep up man. Are you going to be there on Saturday too? We should get lunch beforehand maybe?

RK Charron said...

Hi Bree!
Beautiful pictures!
Thank you for sharing them. It looks like a wonderful event & that first pic with your book was just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to reading the letters!
(Will they be included in the back of the next book?)
Love & Best Wishes,

Terra Mae said...

This is exciting news! I still want that darn nail polish! LOL

The pics are awesome! I can't wait to read the letters!!! YAY for new projects!

Rudi May Hart said...

So cool I can't wait for the comp.The pictures are so clear my faves are the one of the lost saint on the glass table and the nail polish might sound weird but it just makes you want to look at them.

AliceCullen said...

Great pictures; wish I could've been there! I'm so excited to read TLS and these letters are only amping that excitement up!