Friday, March 5, 2010

CONTEST: TDD2 Officially Has A Title! Now Can You Try To Guess It?

So I just got word that my title suggestion for TDD2 has finally been approved by all the important peeps at Egmont USA. Which means TDD2 OFFICIALLY HAS A TITLE!!!!!

Now I asked my tweeps if I should just come right out and say it, or if I should have a fabulous contest in order to announce the title. The reaction was mixed. Some wanted me to blurt it out, others wanted cool prizes. . .

And since I have this weird addiction where I can't help but to give things away to my awesome readers, I couldn't stop myself from having a contest.

(Sorry to the folks who wanted me to just blurt it out. I swear, I can't help myself!)

So here's the deal:

1. I'm going to give you a couple of clues as to what the official title is. These clues are:

A. The initials for the official title are T. L. S.
B. One of the words in the title is from the last name of an obscure character in THE DARK DIVINE. (But don't let that throw you off too much. Focus mostly on the initials.)

2. Now try to guess the title, and then leave your guess in the comments.

3. I will award two prizes. The 1st prize goes to the person who guesses the title (or comes the closest to it). The 2nd prize goes to the person who can come up with the funniest/absurd title guess using the initials T.L.S. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest wins that prize.

4. In the event that more than one person guesses the correct title, I will have a random drawing to select the winner.

5. I'll accept entries into the contest until Noon on Sunday, March 7th. The winners of the contest (and the REAL TITLE for TDD2) will be announced later that day.

6. Tweeting/Facebooking about the contest is always greatly appreciated. :)

Prizes include your choice of one of the following:

1. Signed copy of PRINCESS FOR HIRE by Lindsey Leavitt (that I will get at her March 20th signing at TKE.)

2. Signed copy of THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner

3. Your choice of any of The Tenners books that have debuted so far this year or a pre-order of a one that hasn't come out yet. (Including but not limited to: HUSH HUSH, HEX HALL, THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPEN, THE IRON KING, THE LINE, THE SECRET YEAR, FORGET HER NOTS, SCONES & SENSIBILITY, THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY.) For a complete list click HERE. (You can also choose a singed copy off TDD if you want.)

4. Your choice of any TDD T-shirt in my website store & a bottle of TDD nail polish

5. A bottle of Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray

Is that clear? Anyone have a guess as to what T.L.S. stands for? Or do you want to just make something up that's totally off the wall?

Then start guessing . . . now!


Iffath♥Ahmed said...

This is my first time being first!
Arghh! Wish you would just blurt it out!! But my guess is: The Last Sacrifice, or The Lost Sacrifice?!

Or maybe even..The Lost Stinker..LOL! :D I'm so excited! <3 :)

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Ooh! Can't wait to see what it is!

Let me give it a go:
The Lost Sheep

The last name is what is throwing me, even though you said not to let it!

L.J. Boldyrev said...

OR The Last Sumerian?

How many times can we guess? lol

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Guess as many times as you like!

Elie said...

The Lost Saint, The Last saint

L.J. Boldyrev said...

The Last Saintmoon! :D The Light Saintmoon.

or The Long Snooze. >_<

Okay, I'm done.

Em said...

Towards Lingering Snipes


Jenilyn said...

Great. Now I can't stop thinking of bizarre titles that have nothing to do with your book.

The Lovable Snowbeast
The Lustful Smoochie
The Long Sunrise
Thick, Luscious Slime
The Lewd Spam
The Light Source
The Light Smile
The Light Saint
The Lard Smells
Torturing Large Squirrels
The Lost Soul
The Long Secret
Taking Long Strides

And I really should do something else now...

Borostyán said...

Great contest!

Hmmm let me see.

What about The Legacy of Saint Moons?

I know there is an extra "M" at the end....

I'll be back to guess again. I have to think about this :)

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Skimmed through the entire book and I'm think it has to be The Lost/Last Saint

Angela said...

Tiny Little Secrets
The Lost Savior
Toejam Loving Sweethearts
The Littlest Sweatshop
Thousand Leaky Souls
Tender Lice Sandwiches
Tickling Little Scooby-doo
Tart Lemon Snickerdoodles (hey that sounds yummy!)
Ticklely Leech Summers
Tigers Love Sambuca
Three Lardasses Smooching

Okay, I'm getting redunckulous now...I better stop. So much fun, great idea for a contest. I can't wait to hear the real title. :-) Congrats!

Just_Me37 said...

I have no idea about the real title so I have a couple weird ones.

Tentative Lucrative Seller

Two Lucky Souls (Could possibly be ironic considering what they may go through in the sequel)

The Long-Awaited Sequel (I'm sure many people think this way :P)

BrittLit said...

The Love Saint
The Leftover Saint
The Lonely Satire
The Lonely Saint
The Left Saint
The Lingering Saint
I agree it must be Saint GAH!!!!! Is it Sunday yet I can't wait! Must know title!

Taking Less Space
Tires Like Squeeling
Times Like Summer
Thanks "Lou Saint"

I'm done now.... the Lemon squeezer

Elie said...

The Loup Saint
The Loup song
Thomas Loup de Song

Mundie Moms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mundie Moms said...

My guess is either:

*The Lost Saint
*The Last Saint
*The Last Sacrifice

Or I guess it could be, The Little Stinker LOL *kidding* but some comment had to be made as you did offer to give away Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray.

I can't wait to hear what the title is!!

InABox said...

The Last Saint Moon is my official guess, but my first thought for the initials TLS was The Last Samurai, which got me thinking about the swishy hair in that movie...Anyway...

I'm so excited about TDD2!

Elie said...

Taking Large Steps
Teeth Like Spears
Ticks, Lice and Shifting

Elie said...

The Living Saint
Taking Life Slow
To Love Someone
The Long Snow
The Lingering Soul
The Lingering Saint
The Lonley Saint
The Learning sequel

OK, I'm done

Elie said...

The Light Saint

really done.

Jenni Elyse said...

The Darker Divine
The Dark Demon
The Dark Damned - This is my fave
The Dark Cursed
The Dark Condemned

Aye.Me? said...

Well I'm thinking it has to be 'The Light *something* to contrast with The Dark Divine... so, my guesses are:

The Light Saint
The Light Soul
The Light Spirit
The Light Sacred
The Light Sun
The Light Stars
The Light Sacrifice
The Light Secret

....and I can't think of anything else!

As for a funny name...
Trianglar Left-Handed Spoons
Terrorizing Lonely Spatulas
(I apologise for my horrible attempts at being funny!)

I'll do some Tweeting for your awesome contest, it's such fun!

Can't wait to hear the *real* title. :)

Courtney Rae said...

The Lost Saint
The Last Saint

The Lay Stoner, maybe?
I don't know. :)

I hope I"m close!!!
Anxiously awaiting TDD2!!!!!

Courtney Rae said...

*** The Lazy Stoner

Courtney Rae said...


The Lost Saint
The Last Saint

The Lazy Stoner
The Looney Soup
The Lonely Stoner
The Last Snoop
Take Landon's Shoes

I don't know.

I hope I'm close!!!
Anxiously awaiting TDD2!!!!!

elizabeth said...


The Luscious Salvation
The Learning Sandal
The Light Sorrow
The Lonely Secret
The Lovely Salvation
The Lost Shoe
The Last Sorrow
Time Lags Slowly
The Lonely Saint

I Heart Monster said...

I'll go with The Light Saintmoon?

Ten Lude Soccermoms
Tiny Little Santas
Tortured Light Sabres

BookMac said...

The Loupus Saint
The Light Savior
The Love Survivor
The Loupus song
The Longing Saint

Tomato Letucce Sandwich?

Trini said...

Man some of these are funny.
Well here's what I came up with:

The Lycaon's Scion
The Lycan's Scion
The Lupin's Scion

Ok that's all I have for now.


Tynga said...

I haveN,t read all the guesses so hopefully mine were not said already.

The Last Scene
The Last Sacrilege
The lonely Sadness
The Lucious Salvation
The Lost Sanity (lol)

Some random attemps

tender lunar salvation
tentative lightning sanction
tasteful lament sample

Trini said...

Ok I just have to add these or it will drive me crazy because everyone else keeps using lost or last so I have to also..dangit LOL

The Last Scion
The Lost Scion

I'm really focused on Daniel can you tell..;)

D said...

The Lurking Samurai
Time Lost Saint
Terribly Lucky Sergeant
Terrifically Literal Sabbath
Terrifying Liberal Snake
Totally Lovely Salvation
True Love's Swoon
Trusting Lady Shewolf
Trust Love's Salvation
Totally Lusty Sexpot

heehee I'm laughing! I NEED some lil stinker baby butt spray 'cause I'm going to have #3 boy in July!

katarinas mama said...

The Last Saint
The Lingering Saint
The Lasting Saint
The Lonely Saint

timestandstill said...

Like alot of the others I thought of
The Last Saint
The Lost Saint
but how about
True Love's Saint
or The Lord's Saint

To Loves Savior

Lynsey Newton said...

Ooooh I like this. Contest=fun :)

True Love Sucks...

I also like

The Love Shack

Then there is just "the rest"..

The Little Secret
Tiny Little Seagulls
Trust Lynsey see
Time Looks Sidewards
The Lost Soul

Good luck to everyone!

Ah Yuan // wingstodust said...

The Loup Saintmoon?

.... So, I suck at guessing.

Bianca said...

The Loving Saint
Terrifying LIttle Saints

I'll be back with more!

Jessica Secret said...

OK, here are my guesses:

Three Lonely Smoothies
The Lost Stick
Total Loser Something
Trust Lone Stars
The Last Savior
The Lone Saint
There Larry, Sit
True Love's Sacrifice

Ok...I'm out. shutupjessicasreading @ gmaildotcom

(By the way, I like this betetr than just blurting it out. It' much more fun this way.)

Elie said...

The Lunar Sky
The Lunar Song

Precious said...

My guesses are:

The Lupine Saint
The Lupine Sacrifice
The Last Saint
The Lost Soul
The Lupine Soul
The Last Song
The Lost Saint

I'm so excited for TDD2!

Zac and Sarah Steele said...

I originally was thinking The Last Sin or something...but then I thought long and hard about the last name thing (even though you said not to...) and came up with The Last Saint or The Lost Saint.

And for my humorous idea...maybe a complete antonym like "The Light Secular." Yes, I like that one :-)

Chloe said...

Hmmm... I'll list a few guesses :)

The Lupine Soul
The Last Stand
The Lucky Sandbox
The Leaded Slacker
The Lost Souls
The Lost Sun
The Leprechaun Song
Tarantula Leg Soup

Michelle said...

i am absolutely certain that one of these is right:

The Last Supper (food is the minor character!)
Totally Lupine Sequel
This Laughable (p)Seudotitle
Tender Loving Scare
Twilight Literally Sucks
The Lovely Sallays

i'll take my baby butt spray now please!

taking life seriously,

Book Addict Girl said...

Ok, so guesses for the real title:

-The Living Saintmoon
-The Living Saint
-The Lost Saint
-The Lost Saintmoon
-True Love's Saint

Not very original, but best I could think of.

And my silly guesses:

-Turkey Lusting Sparrows
-Tweety Licked Sylvester
-Tacos Love Salsa
-Taming Loose Spidermonkeys
-Two Lattes Spilled
-Timmy Lost Santa
-Tadpoles Like Spankings

Hmm...that's all I can think of, but if I think of more, I'll let you know :D


WilowRaven said...

This is fun!

The Lost Saint
The Light Saint



Chunk N ME said...

k - here are my votes:
1 - the lost saint

2 - twilight lost steam
2 - the love shack
2 - tender loving sandwiches
2 - too late, suckah!

oooooo *fingers crossed*

ronna15 said...

The Last Saintmoon
The Lost Saintmoon


Alysa said...

Tricky Little She-man

Trogdor Levels Scranton

(Mr.) T's Last Stand

Terrifying Limbo Shenanigans

Tasing Lippy Schoolchildren (ouch!)

Tyra Loves Spandex

Tigger Licks Steak

bookaholic said...

I have come up with some other titles:
The Lost Soul
The Last/Lost Secret
True Love's Sigh/Song
The Love Song
The Last Sentence
The Lingering Sigh/Song/Sentiment/Solace

The Loser Sucks
The Lightborn Satan
The Laxative Strategy
The Liquor School

OK,that's it!!

bookaholic said...

My real title guesses would be:
The Light Saint
The Last/Lost/Love/Lovelost Saint
The Lovely Saint
The Lasting Sainthood

Other funny guesses would be:
Terrible Loser Slapstick
The Lusty Snogging
Totally Love Smitten
The Lovers' Slip

Am seriously out of mind now!!

Endoh Chiaki said...

The Last Song!!! XD

The Lying Seraph

The Last Sailormoon!!! XD

The Lost Seraph

The Last Salmon!!! XD

Well.. I doubt I can even guess it 'cause I haven't even read TDD! D': (In other words.. I have no idea what the story really is all about... )
I don't know why but the bookstore I went to said they pulled it out... very, very sad. >_<

Amy said...

Hmm well I am re-reading TDD in all its delicious goodness right now. And then maybe I will guesss some more! But my guesses for now:

The Lovely Saint
The Lupine Sinner

Dwayne said...

The Lost Soul?
The Last Soul?
(I know, I'm insistent on 'soul' - it sounds nice)

The Longest Story?
Prolly not.

Just waiting for your real title now then :D

May said...

I know this is going to sound stupid but - Trinity Longing Soul?

Okay, I'm not good at this. xD
I think I'll just wait till tomorrow's announcement. Heh.

Lynsey Newton said...


Too Late Sorry!
Trippy light Scene
Trippy love scene
Tantric love scene


The Last Soul
The Last Saint
The Lost Soul
The Lost Saint

C.J. Redwine said...

Try Lactating Simultaneously

To Lose Sanity

The Lost Saint

This Lemonade Sucks

TeenageReader said...

The Lost Savior
The Last Savior
The Lost Secret
The Last Secret
This Last Song
The Last Song

I hope I get CLOSE. :P

BookFreak said...


The Love Slave?


The Lost Soul?

no? dammit,

The Devils puppet?
Sorry, im going off task.

True Loves Savior?

The Last Survivor?

The Lonely Soul?

Lynsey Newton said...

They just keep a coming...

The Light Sabre (think Star Wars)
The Last Stand
The Last Starfighter

Oh wait, those last two have already been done *L*

The Last Sandwhich (think Joey from friends, this could be a REAL issue for him)

The last/lost sausage
The Lost Signal (a story involving phones perhaps)
The Louisiana Sunshine
Telling Little Secrets
Thin Line Soldier!
The Lycan Smell
Time Loves Secrets
Truth Love Sex

Morgan said...

The first thing that came to my mind was:

The Lost Soul

I think it would fit, maybe. But I'm really excited for The Dark Divine sequel. And I'm super excited to find out the name.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

My guess is:

the last stand

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Oh my goodness, it's going to be harder to pick a funny title winner than I first thought. So many of these are making me laugh out loud.

And lots of good "real" title guesses too!

Keep 'em coming!

pepsivanilla said...

The Lost Son?
The Last Son?

T-rex Likes Steak?
Taxes, Like, Suck?

This is way hard since I haven't had a chance to read The Dark Divine yet!

chelleyreads said...

weird... i commented and didn't show up. but my TDD2 title guess is:

The Luminous Saint

Silly guesses:
The Lady Stripper
Touring Like Stalin
Take the Lard South
Tell Larry Stop

Jordan said...

The Lost Saintmoon or The Lamb Slaughtered... don't ask me where the second one came from because I don't have a clue

Ari said...

Hmm *thinks*

The Longest Story (Lame I know XP)
PSST what aobut this for the trailer (if that were the anem XP)
This is the story that never ends XP>...
Okay done with the crazy :D
Totally Licking Sand XP


Jenilyn said...

More suggestions:

Time Lingers Slowly
The Lonely Silence
The Lingering Shadows
The Lingering Smell (removable with Little Stinker Baby Butt Spray!)
Take Lovin' Slow
The Love Shack
Time Loses Souls
Torturing Loses Supporters
Turbines Loathe Salt
Thesauruses Love Synonyms
Tired and Like Sleep

And finally:
Terribly Lame Suggestions? :)

Alysa said...

Okay, Bree. I couldn't resist making a cover for one of the titles I guessed. Here it is:

Bree Biesinger Despain said...


Love the fake cover! That was hilarious, and definitely earns laugh out loud points in the contest.
Love the taser behind the teacher's back.

Endoh Chiaki said...

The Lecherous Sock

Totally Lacking Sleep

Totally Longing Sleep

The Loser's Stand

The Losing Side

The Lingering Snot (Ew... Haha)

The Laughing Stock

Tempest Little Secret

The Lovers Scorned

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

The Light Saint

Kelly said...

Ooooo this is fun! Hmmmmmm....
The Lost Saint
The Last Saint
The Light Saint
The Lupine Saint
The Legend of Saint Moon
The Legendary Saint
The Legion of Saints
The Lingering Saint
The Legacy of the Saint Moons
Two Lost Saints
The Losing Saint
The Loving Saint
The Lover of Saints
The Leaving Saints
I don't know! I am out of guesses. Can't wait to hear the title tomorrow!
-Kelly H.

purplg8r said...

The Lesser Saint
The Last Soul
True Love Saves

and funny one
The Llama Sings


L.T. Elliot said...

The Last Saint
The Lovely Sorrow
Teddy's Laquered Snuggie. ;)

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

The lunatic squirrel!

Umm . . .

The lost saint?

Rachel said...

my guess:

The Lost Saint-Moon
The Last Saint-Moon

May said...

How about -
The Luna Sins?
Thrice Loved Since?
The Lost Shadow?

Okay okay, I'll stop now. :)

Jenni Elyse said...

I feel really dumb now. I was in a hurry when I saw your tweet about your contest. I didn't even read your blog post, so I came up with the titles I did without knowing the correct initials were TLS. Now, that I've had time to read your blog post, oops. Kay, here are my *real* guesses:

The Lifted Sorrow
The Light Sorrow
The Lovers' Sorrow
The Little Saint
The Lamenter's Sorrow
The Lighted Sepulcher
The Lamented Saint
The Lupine Sorrow
The Lupine Saint
The Lupine Season
The Lupine Sound
The Limitless Sorrow

Jenni Elyse said...

PS - I know I'm not even close since I didn't choose anything with the last name of one of your obscure characters. It was hard enough coming up with something that made sense with TLS.

I really like The Last/Lost Saint that a lot of people have come up with, but I didn't want to use that too. Can't wait until you tell us the real name. (I'm done bugging you now.)


Twin Lake Swimmers
Tortured Lady Stenographer
Trapped Liquid Stains
Total Lousy Speculation
Too Late Speculation

God's gal said...

Ack. The name is completely obscure! You're right on it throwing people. Oh, tragic, cruel fate. But it is a good contest, keep's people talking :)
• The
• Time Lasted Slowly
• Tainted Longing Soul
• The Last Saint

That's about it. Sorry if it's not even remotely close :(


Alexa said...

I can't wait to find out the title!
My guesses are:
The Lost Saint
The Last Saint
The Lost Son
The Light Saint

The Little Soup
The Lonely Saxophone
Tempting Love Sandwich
True Love Sucks
This Lazy Sausage
The Loving Snacks
Totally Like Star-Wars
This Little Salamander
Things Like Spam
Twisted Little Spoon
This Lawn Snail
Tasting Lively Spaghetti
The Last Spork

Ok, sorry, I'm done now =D.


Traveling Frog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Traveling Frog said...

I'm thinking something like "the lost soul" or 'the last soul". Maybe "the lovely sacrifice". For some reason "the last salmon" keeps popping into my head. But maybe that's just me hungry for tuna...Ooh, haw about "the lonely soul"? Less likely are "the lovely soul" or "The lovely sanity". Even less are "the lonely symphony" or " the lost sock". I think the last one is just my subconsciousness speaking to me. I guess i'll have to wait 'till you blurt it out))

Jen said...

I'm excited to have found your blog!! Having only been in the blogging world for less than 2 months I love meeting other writers!

random said...

The Lost saint.
But how does this relate with the last name??