Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Writing ain't always easy

People often ask me why I write, and the answer is simple: I love it! Making up stories and sharing them with people is one of my favorite things to do. Writing is fun!!

Being "in the groove" as a writer is one of the most awesome feelings in the world, and if given the choice on one of those groove days, I'd choose getting a chance to write for a few more hours over just about any activity. I mean, even if Taylor Kitsch showed up on my doorstep with a box of chocolates and a motorcycle, I'd totally choose . . . well, to go for a ride with Taylor--but I'd probably talk his ear off about my book the entire time.

But then there are those days, weeks, months, sometimes years, when writing is just plain work. Hard, brain-frying, work that takes over your life. Right now, it's taking over my family room and edging into the dining area.

Yep, that's my plot for the sequel to TDD. It's literally all over the place!

I've tried outlining, I've tried snowflakes methods, I've tried free-writing, but the plot has been eluding me. So that's when I turned to writing on the walls like a crazy person in an asylum. Luckily, hubby found those HUGE post-it notes at Office Max in order to save the paint job on the walls. We spent most of Labor Day weekend and almost all of this last week writing out character sketches and scrawling down every possible plot idea that popped into our heads. It may look like a insane process, but hey, it's working. It's easier to see how the plot pieces fit together when you can see them all at the same time . . . and I'm starting to feel that wonderful elating sensation when I know a really good groove is coming on. My mind keeps flitting to my story at every quiet moment, I can hear the characters talking in my sleep, and my fingers are itching to get to the actual writing part. Come on, groove! It's time to start working.

You hear that, Taylor Kitsch? If the keyboard is a tappin', then don't come a knockin'! Okay, so YOU can come a knockin' but the chocolate had better be dark, and the motorcycle had better be something reminiscent of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. (And yes, I know tappin' and knockin' don't rhyme. :-D)


TOWR said...

But where's the new couch?!

I'm psyched you're on a roll! I seriously can't wait to get my hands on a copy of TDD. I'm gonna read that baby in one sitting...

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for sharing a great post.
That wall looks awesome!
Congratulations on the writing flowing.
All the best,

Nicole said...

You're doing great! I think finding the groove is often like those times when you can't fall asleep even when you're so tired (she writes at 4 am) the harder you try the more elusive it seems, until eventually it just happens. I bet those huge post-its will induce groove post haste. Do you have to take them down when people come over? (I mean besides Taylor Kitsch of course)

Jessica Kennedy said...

Awesome plotting idea! Glad you're making way!

I'll be starting TDD soon! Thanks so much for the book, nail polish, and the spa kit!

Matt said...

That wall is so cool. I'm glad you posted a pic of it.

jessjordan said...

And here I thought a pretty abstract wall print was what I wanted in my family room. Nonsense! What I need is big post-it notes!! :)

Elena Jube said...

I NEED some of those post-its and the wall is perfect--just the way a writer's living room wall should look. I'm going through a rough patch with my revisions, and I think I need to try your method. Good job finding something that worked. Writing's so good when it's...um, good. And so not good when it's not. Glad the hard part's over and you can get down to the fun stuff.

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Ha ha, a couple of my neighbors came over to visit today. They saw my wall and were like "What the . . .?" But when I told them it was my plot, they thought it was pretty cool. Except, they kept reading the post-its and I was like, "Stop reading the wall! It's mostly gibberish." I think one of my neighbors really thinks I'm crazy since the words "bitch queen" just happen to be written on the wall . . . more than once.

Hey, in my defense, I was practicing the theory of just writing down anything that came into my mind. . . Wait, that doesn't make me sound any more sane, does it?

TOWR- The new couch won't get here for 4 whole weeks. I can't wait for my writing chaise!

Brodi Ashton said...

Thanks for the picture. Can't wait to use all those plot points in my next book. :)

Writing was fun today- we should do that every Wednesday!

Christina Farley said...

I love it! So glad you shared the picture. I'm a teacher, so I just rip off a huge wall size piece of butcher paper. That works too. Glad to see there I'm not the only one here with this bizarre wall note obsession.

Yamile said...

"The bitch queen" made me laugh aloud! hahahaha! and your husband is a great guy for helping you like that. How sweet.

Aik said...

Writing is fun, but ideas could be hard to find sometimes. However, the picture looks great! My cousin told me he studied that way too - by sticking notes on the wall! I hope you're doing well so far!

Have a LOVELY day! :D

mistieleigh said...

Hi! Love the large post-it note idea on the walls. GENIUS bricky!
So excited for you and your books. You should be so proud!! I am SO PROUD! Can't wait to buy it and read it (as well as my mom-in-law!).
best of luck!